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Pets+Us is a weekly program of information and stories about the companions in our lives – our pets.  The program includes feature articles about the relationship between pets and their humans; useful tools and new products for pets; a “Don’t Eat That” segment that includes things that can be hazardous to your pet’s health; and stories from listeners about their own pets.

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Pets+Us #1628: Running Guide Dogs, 07/07/16

Jul 6, 2016

Meet Klinger the Running Guide Dog, and learn about the Running Guides Pilot Program of Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Pets+Us #1627: Loud Noise Phobias, 06/30/16

Jun 30, 2016

Helping our pets cope during fireworks and thunderstorms, and Beyond the Bunny House at Best Friends Sanctuary.

Dental care for your cat, the benefits of adopting an older dog, and can pets predict the weather?

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is awarded a grant to subsidize cancer treatment for pets, the latest in tech gadgets for pets, and how to get a cat out of a tree.

Are cats and dogs color blind? What do they see? Livescience explains. In our Don’t Do That segment – Summer Hazards.

Pets+Us #1623: Traveling with Your Pet, 06/02/16

Jun 2, 2016

Tips for Traveling with Your Pet, and in our Don’t Eat That segment – An updated warning from the FDA about the dangers to your dog of xylitol.

Pets+Us #1622: Dental Care for Your Pets, 05/26/16

May 26, 2016

All about Dental Care for your Pets. An overview on the importance of pet dental care from and the AAHA Dental Care Guidelines, and the how-to’s of keeping your pet’s teeth healthy at home.

Pets+Us #1621: Aging Pets, 05/19/16

May 19, 2016

A report on Aging Pets from Tufts University, and from PETA and Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine - how we can provide our aging pets with all the loving care they need and deserve.

From Best Friends Society, What you need to know about owning and caring for a Pet Pig, and Food Puzzles for Pet Enrichment.

A report from Cornell University on the Largest Dog Genetic Study that Informs Human Diseases, and our Don’t Eat That segment is on Pet Food Safety recommendations from the FDA and the CDC.

Just in time for Spring, our Don’t Eat That segment features a recap of plants that are toxic to our pets.

Pets+Us #1617: Are You Ready for a Dog?, 04/21/16

Apr 21, 2016

We’ll explore what to consider before adopting a dog.  Also - Ice-Age Puppies, and Don’t Do That.

Pets+Us #1616: Caring for Your Pet Bird, 04/14/16

Apr 14, 2016

All About Caring for Our Indoor Feathered Friends.  And, we’ll explore Cat Behavior - Why Are Cats So Lazy?

Pets+Us #1615: Don’t Eat That: Xylitol, 04/04/16

Apr 7, 2016

The Return of / Don’t Eat That – Xylitol Toxicity.  And We’ll meet Jedi the Diabetes Sniffing Dog.

Exerpts from the Winter Edition of Pet Tales sponsored by our friends at Monroe Veterinary Associates.  Topics include what to expect when bringing home a puppy or kitten, Granddogs, and other interesting topics.

Pets+Us #1613: Pet Tales, 03/24/16

Mar 24, 2016

Exerpts from the Winter Edition of Pet Tales sponsored by our friends at Monroe Veterinary Associates. Topics include Hedgehogs, Treats, and Reverse Sneezes in Dogs.

Pets+Us #1612: Adopt a Shelter Pet, 03/17/16

Mar 17, 2016

A compelling piece from Best Friends Animal Society makes a case for the benefits of choosing adoption over buying pets from pet stores via puppy mills.

Pets+Us #1611: Choosing the Right Pet, 03/10/16

Mar 10, 2016

Andrea Arden from Animal Planet shares a few helpful tips to help you find the perfect pet for your family.

A review of Pet Health Insurance plans by  We’ll also cover dental care, obesity, and bird care.

Pets+Us #1609: Visiting the Veterinarian 02/25/16

Feb 25, 2016

Choosing a veterinarian, and what to expect when we get there.

Pets+Us #1608: Traveling With Your Pet 02/18/16

Feb 18, 2016

A guide to traveling with your pet, whether you’re going by plane or car, from PetSmart

Our program this week is about losing a pet, including coping with the impending loss of a pet, and grieving that loss, something all pet parents will face at one time or another.

In their newsletter Dogwatch, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine explains the reasons dogs like to run out the door, and what you can do about it.

Pets+Us #1605: Spay/Neuter Myths 01/28/16

Jan 28, 2016

Get the facts versus the myths about spay/neutering pets, from the Humane Society.

We review the care and experience level required for the most popular small pets. Our feature will be from the March/April 2015 edition of Best Friends Magazine that explains five ways we’re not so different from our dogs after all.

Pets+Us #1603: Disaster Preparedness, 01/14/16

Jan 14, 2016

The ASPCA recommends these simple steps you can follow now, to make sure you’re ready before the next disaster strikes.

Pets+Us #1602: Winter Tips for Your Pets, 01/07/16

Jan 14, 2016

The ASPCA reminds us that in many areas, winter is a season of bitter cold and numbing wetness. Make sure your four-footed family members stay safe and warm by following these simple guidelines.

Pets+Us #1601: The Science Behind the Bond, 12/31/15

Jan 13, 2016

The May/June 2015 edition of Scientific American Mind published a special report on the science behind the bond we form with our pets.