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ACB Reports: March 2019, Accessibility update from the FCC, 03/10/19

In the March episode of ACB Reports, FCC Attorney Will Shell reports on accessibility issues that the Disability Rights Office is working on. Specifically, he'll talk about developments in the Audio Description marketplace. ( See this month's audio described television listings for WXXI-TV )

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DVI Primetime & Kids Programming - March 2019

Clayton Mack finds new life with guide dog

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Feature: Listening With Elizabeth Berg; Reviews: Personal Growth; Reviews: Learning By Ear; Reviews: Children & Family Listening


Two Blind Brothers makes ultra-soft clothing from natural fibers for the sole purpose of funding blindness research and being part of finding a cure.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with brothers and founders Bryan and Bradford Manning, who are both blind, about how their company got started and what is special about their clothing line. 

Controversial new research suggests that current guidelines for sun exposure are unhealthy, unscientific, and quite possibly racist. A rebuttal article suggests that we should not stop using sunscreen just yet.

Pets+Us #1913: Kitten Season, 03/28/19

32 minutes ago
Humane Society of Utah

Spring starts Kitten Season - learn how collaborative programs are helping to save more little lives and preventive efforts to stem the tide. We'll also learn the benefits of having a cat for children, and how to keep your cat happy if he spends a lot of time alone.

There are many new

high tech inventions coming along. This program will explain eight of these new ideas. I'll also tell you about new hope for some common eye diseases.

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