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Three MAY webinars for people with vision loss, 5/22, 5/27 & 5/29

The Chroideremia Research Foundation is offering three FREE webinars for people with vision loss. You'll learn about a variety of accessible Apps, get the latest on accessible software, and have a chance to "Chat" with others with vision loss. Here they are the three sessions and what they'll cover.

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This week's PODCASTS

Reviews: Poetry/Drama; Reviews: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Gleams is the name of the newsletter published quarterly by the Glaucoma Research Foundation. It consistently provides up to date information about the sight-robbing disease of glaucoma. In this program, you’ll hear articles from three recent issues of Gleams magazine.   


What does it mean to be “Aging in the Time of Covid?”  Two recent articles explore some of the long-term effects, good and not so good, of this historic epidemic might be. Some in the geriatric field worry that incidents of ageism will get worse.  Others see some changes for good such as use of telemedicine, online grocery shopping and working from home.

Anne Boyer, a poet and essayist, writes an unflinching personal essay on becoming a cancer patient.

Eric Damery is VP of Software Product Management of Freedom Scientific, a Vispero company, a worldwide leader in providing assistive technology for visually impaired people.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Eric about the company, features of JAWS, ZoomText and Fusion, and special offerings for students as well as during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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During this Coronavirus pandemic, WXXI Reachout Radio is closed. Remote readers are providing daily readings of the LOCAL & OBITS section of the D&C at 9:30a and 1:00p