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Blind Patients Hope Landmark Gene-Editing Experiment Will Restore Their Vision

Carlene Knight would love to do things that most people take for granted, such as read books, drive a car, ride a bike, gaze at animals in a zoo and watch movies. She also longs to see expressions on people's faces. "To be able to see my granddaughter especially — my granddaughter's face," said Knight, 54, who lives outside Portland, Ore. "It would be huge." Michael Kalberer yearns to be able to read a computer screen so he could get back to work as a social worker. He also hopes to one day...

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Verizon Digital provides a guide to Mobile Technology for People with Vision Loss

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: Feature: 5 Questions for Therese Plummer; Reviews: Young Adult Listening

AARP’s April Special Report reveals overwhelming evidence regarding the scope of an international fraud factory responsible for stealing hundreds of thousands from unwitting seniors.

Long ago, if you were not able to see well, eyeglasses were the only things available to help you, for seven centuries. Then contact lenses became possible in the 1950’s, and now eye surgery can be used for vision correction. This program will help sort out the different types of corrective eye surgery.  

The Blackwell sisters were the first (Elizabeth) and third (Emily) female doctors to practice medicine in the United States. Rejected by more than a dozen medical schools, Elizabeth was accepted at Geneva Medical College in New York state only as the result of a prank. The sisters went on to help establish the New York Infirmary for Indigent Women and Children in 1857.

Should all pets live indoors, or are there some domestic pets that are happier living outdoors? What's better for them?  What's the difference between a domestic pet and wild animal? We'll find out in this episode.

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