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Congratulations to Award-Winner Kathy VanSchaick, host of Silver Threads

The International Association of Audio Information Services (IAAIS) presented the following program awards at their annual conference hosted by Sun Sounds of Arizona, June 5-9 in Phoenix. Listen to this award winning show again.

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A personal story of dealing with a loved one’s concussion changing their personality. An article questioning why the NHL has not acknowledged concussion and C.T.E. as the NFL has. The risk of suicide is higher for people with concussions.

AUDIOFILE Magazine #1925: Jun/Jul 2019 #1 06/20/19

Jun 17, 2019

Feature: Stars: New Golden Voice, January LaVoy; Feature: Listening With Richard Blanco, Poet; Reviews: Poetry, Drama, Classics

Articles from Market Watch describe how retirement communities are changing. The future will involve a sharing economy and home-as-service.

Many sighted people have a hard time imagining how they would tackle life if they couldn’t see.  Losing your vision, however, doesn’t mean the end of the world.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk about how you can prepare for eventual vision loss by preparing your home, using adaptive aids, becoming aware of your other senses, accessible technology and more. (encore EOS#1512)

Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital

Should you vaccinate your pets? We'll hear different perspectives on an emerging trend in veterinary health care. We'll also learn how to brush a dog's teeth, and we'll get some tips to make a small apartment more fun for our cats.

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