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Old Time Radio for April takes us to Frontier Town

Frontier Town was syndicated from 1950-1953. Jeff Chandler and Reed Hadley starred as Chad Remington, and Wade Crosby as Cherokee O'Bannon.

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Are you ready to learn something new? In this program you'll hear about rare eye diseases that can be damaging to vision. The diseases include anophthalmia and microphthalmia, Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, Behcets disease, Stargardt disease and retinoblastoma.

EOS #1916: The Voice Behind Siri, 04/17/19

Apr 15, 2019

Meet Susan Bennett whose voice was used to create the original female English language Siri voice.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Susan about her experiences as a voiceover artist and musician, what it was like to create the voice for Siri, how she found out that she was the voice behind Siri, and how it changed her career.

Next Avenue’s Special Report includes lessons from End-Of-Life Experts, Advance Directives and end of life issues for Veterans and Black Americans


Saying goodbye to a pet is always difficult.  This week host Mary DeFranco shares information on making that decision, how to know if or when to get another pet, and what to say to someone who is grieving a loss.

Candida auris is a drug-resistant fungi that is spreading infection around the globe. There is growing speculation that the rise of using anti-fungicides in agriculture has lead to the rise in drug-resistant fungi now threatening humans. Also, antibiotic misuse in Kenya.

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