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American Council of the Blind names new leadership, continues battle for accessibility and inclusion

The American Council of the Blind held their week-long 58th Annual Conference and Convention in Rochester mid-July. WXXI’s Noelle Evans spoke with the newly appointed President and Vice President of the organization just moments after they were elected. The American Council of the Blind , an advocacy group for the rights of visually impaired and blind people, elected new leadership at the organization’s 58th Annual Conference and Convention in Rochester. Around 1,200 people attended, along...

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Research into eye diseases is revealing many exciting new theories. This program will describe a plan to stop leaking blood vessels, the ideal environment for stem cells, and how to modify your diet, all for better eye health.

Pets+Us #1929: Keeping Cool, 07/18/19

Jul 15, 2019
Dogs Trust

Cat Emergencies, and Keeping your dog cool and safe in hot weather.

EOS #1929: Tarot Card Reading, 07/17/19

Jul 15, 2019
The Sibyl's Tarot

What does the future hold for Eyes On Success?  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey find out when they talk with Eden Kizer, a totally blind professional tarot card reader, about how she became a tarot card reader and turned it into a profitable business that she can do from the comfort of her own home.

Loneliness, now viewed as an epidemic, can affect seniors’ physical and mental health and overall mortality risk. It is being addressed by governments and health care professionals.

Reviews: Learning by Ear; Stars: New Golden Voice #3, Johnny Heller; Reviews: Personal Growth

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