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Neuroscience and Accessibility: Enhancing sensory "vision"

Scientists and innovators keep exploring and expanding the ways that people who are visually impaired or blind can more fully experience the world. The latest "Top Tech Tidbits" e-newsletter includes several items showing how neuroscientific research, applied to our other senses, is creating enhanced sensory input for people with vision loss. We encourage you to investigate these developments:

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Verizon Digital provides a guide to Mobile Technology for People with Vision Loss

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Reviews: Finish Reviews: Children & Family Listening; Reviews: Personal Growth; Reviews: Learning By Ear

AARP's final eight lessons gleaned from the pandemic involve trust, wealth inequality, crowd security, disaster preparedness,enjoying nature, telehealth and city organization.

In this program you’ll be hearing about lots of tips and changes you can make in your life if you are living with low vision.

We'll get an update on how the White House's first dogs are adjusting to their new digs, and we'll learn all about the best ways to introduce a new pet to an unfamiliar household

EOS #2116: Super Lidar App, 04/14/21

Apr 12, 2021

Developers are beginning to make use of LiDAR technology in some smart phones to assist those with impaired vision.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Shane Lowe from Supersense about their new Super Lidar app and how it makes use of LiDAR to analyze the distance and warn about obstacles that might pose a danger to blind and low vision users.

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