Mary DeFranco


Mary DeFranco combines her life-long love of animals with her love for writing, to bring listeners an entertaining, informative and often touching program. Mary is eager to hear and share some of your stories as well.  Write to her at

We'll learn about different types of trained service dogs, and find out what shots your dog needs

20 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Pet, the dangers of e-cigarettes, learn about kitten teeth, and new airline safety concerns for pets in flight.

In their book, Zoobiquity, Cardiologist Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers discuss what animals can teach us about health and healing.

Apartment Therapy

We'll learn how to build a catio, why dogs have whiskers and why they like to steal things

A veterinarian offers tips on keeping pet medical costs down, we'll learn about caring for a three-legged dog or cat, and the return of Don't Eat That

What causes allergies to pets, are you allergic, and if you are, can you still have a pet?

The ASPCA can be a great help when looking for professional help for your pet's behavior.  We'll also hear some tips on moving with your pet, and understanding how well cats can read our emotions.


Have you ever wondered why your cat's tongue feels like sandpaper?  We'll find out on this episode.  We'll also be sharing tips on cutting pet care costs, and we'll hear about new apps for you and your pets.

We'll get tips on the proper grooming of rabbits, learn about how nature provides animals with changes to their coats to endure the colder winter weather, and how to check for updates on pet food recalls.

The Humane Society explains Why Dogs Bark and How We Can Get Them to Stop,   How Professionals Reduce Stress in Shelter Animals while they are waiting for their forever homes, and Beagle Bill gives research animals a chance at adoption.