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Pets+Us is a weekly program of information and stories about the companions in our lives – our pets.  The program includes feature articles about the relationship between pets and their humans; useful tools and new products for pets; a “Don’t Eat That” segment that includes things that can be hazardous to your pet’s health; and stories from listeners about their own pets.

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Scary dog tales, lucky black cats, a spooky childhood fable, and of course, safety tips. It's that time of year when darkness falls way too early, the wind howls, and things go bump in the night. Maybe we don't go trick or treating this year, but we still have spooky stories we can tell to mark the holiday in Halloween fashion.

We'll learn about the best no-pull leashes for dogs, which nuts your dog should and should not eat, and the Humane Society's suggestions for safely marking the Halloween season with our pets. And are you having trouble being able to feed your pets in this uncertain time? Lots of people are. There are resources in your area that you can use to keep your furry friends fed.

Halloween Trick and Tips. The ASPCA and Humane Society show us how to have a safe and fun Halloween with our pets, and a special report from  National Geographic gives us an insight into how parrots learn to communicate. We'll also learn how our pets help us with work-life balance in the age of COVID19.

We'll be reading from National Geographic, where we'll learn how dogs can warn us about toxic chemical exposure in their humans, why its important to track where cats go when they roam outside, and a lot more about our furry and feathered friends.

We'll hear about  organizations stepping up to help pet parents keep their pets cared for, we'll get an update on how shelters are handling adoptions, and then we'll have some fun learning new tips for moving into Autumn

Continuing National Disaster Preparedness Month. What if your pet becomes lost  - a disaster in itself. We'll learn about different kinds of collars to help keep dogs from getting lost, and also microchips and other methods that might help get our pets returned if they are lost.

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month. We'll learn the best ways to be prepared for a variety of unexpected disasters - including the added challenges that come with a pandemic.

We'll get plenty of tips from the experts on autumn fun and safety, timely information on the use of hand sanitizer, and, in honor of National Pet Memorial Day, we'll learn what to say when someone loses a pet

What to do about a dog that barks when left alone. Also in this episode, we'll get tips on how to save money on rabbit care, learn why cats bury their business, get a little history on the rise and fall of the pet bird, and how to train your pet to come to you when the fire alarm goes off.

Is it normal to talk to our pets? How well do we understand each other? We'll also get tips on raising guinea pigs, how to give your pet a manicure, and much more.

Cats versus Dogs -  We'll hear about a study that looks at how cats compare to dogs when it comes to social intelligence. And we'll learn the benefits of dogs versus cats from a dog-lover's point of view

Are pets property, or are they part of the family? Or both? What are the ramifications? And, if you have a new puppy, the American Kennel Club has guidance on how you can still socialize him during distancing restrictions of a pandemic. We'll also have a guide on how to use an Amazon box to entertain your cat all day long.

We'll hear stories and get information to help and entertain us, including summer pet care, pets in the news, and a report on the uncertain fate of a certain pet hamster in Arkansas who got caught-up in the unpredictable nature of the times

We'll answer many of your questions about why your pet does what he or she does that are perfectly normal to your pet, even though they might seem strange to us. And we'll  hear how pets help get their people through tough times like a pandemic

We'll learn about Summer safety tips, the benefits of multiple pets, and what substances are not toxic for your pets and aren't likely to send you to the  emergency vet.

Why do dogs circle before lying down? We'll get some interesting answers about that and other compelling dog questions, we'll get pet grooming tips from the ASPCA, and a lot more in this episode for dog and cat parents

Summer Fun and Picnics! Lots of tips on how to have a safe picnic with your pets. And, will your pet miss you when you go back to work? We'll learn what we can do to ease the separation.

How to stay positive for your dog under stress. We'll learn creative ways to keep your senior dog active, and get tips on clean eating for pets, and much more.

We'll review the best water toys for your dog, and the best walking harnesses for your cat. And we'll learn how we can now adopt former FDA lab animals and what great pets they make.

Non-Anesthetic Dental Care for your Dog. How does it work? Is it safe? In our Don't Eat That segment - is it okay for pets to eat bugs? And, would you know how to give your pet CPR in an emergency? We'll learn how!

The latest on what we know about Covid-19 as it pertains to our pets. We'll go over important tips to keep our pets safe while having fun in the summer, and we'll find out how cats are able to get into tight spaces and why they do it.

We'll hear about Interspecies Animal Relationships that Prove Love Is All You Need. We'll get tips on Valentines Day safety, exercise and dental care for our furry friends.

CBD, marijuana and your pet - is it safe? The ASPCA and American Veterinary Medical Association weigh in. We'll learn which dogs shed the least, and we'll hear  lots of interesting facts about cats, some you might not know about.

Pets+Us #2018 (Encore 2005): Birds, Dogs and Cats, 04/30/20

Apr 27, 2020

A little bit of everything  - the right light for a pet bird, what to name your dog, how to get him to stop chewing your shoes, and when cats snore - it is  anything to worry about?

Pets+Us #2017 (Encore 2004): Cat and Dog Facts, 04/23/20

Apr 20, 2020

Cat and Dog Facts, the History of Cat Food, and - does your Cat suffer from Separation Anxiety? Some do. Vetstreet has suggestions on how to help.

Help for dogs with separation anxiety, winter tips and myths, kitten teething, cat weight loss. And we'll answer the burning question why dogs' feet smell like Fritos.  (Rpt. 01/16/20)



We'll learn from veterinarians and pet experts how to interpret pet food labels, how to prepare our pets for vet visits, we'll get grooming tips, read a book review, and find out what are the best first pets.



January 5th is National Bird Day - we'll learn about some of the best pet birds, how to select the right pet bird for your family, and a special Don't Eat That just for birds. And we'll hear some heartwarming real-life stories about dogs and cats. (Rpt. 01/02/20)



Pets+Us #2013, Household Hazards, 03/26/20

Mar 23, 2020

We'll learn about household hazards to your pets that you might have thought about, get tips on dog behavior (begging, puppies), and learn why cats sleep so much - it's not just beauty sleep.

How much did you spend on your pets last year?  We have a report from the American Pet Products Association. And, we'll get some tips on preparing for Spring and learn how to build a variety of catios (cat patios) and catteries to give our felines their own safe outdoor spaces.