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Reviews: 4 Big Fall; Behind the mic w/Dirk Maggs; Reviews: Science Fiction Fantasy

We'll learn about the best no-pull leashes for dogs, which nuts your dog should and should not eat, and the Humane Society's suggestions for safely marking the Halloween season with our pets. And are you having trouble being able to feed your pets in this uncertain time? Lots of people are. There are resources in your area that you can use to keep your furry friends fed.

Medicare Open Enrollment is a time to assess your plan to see what is new and determine if you want to change.  Also, find out more about Joe Namath’s free Medicare Advantage Plan.

Soap and water are good at destroying the coronavirus, but also destroy microorganisms that are beneficial to humans. In this book review from the New Yorker magazine, two books about the living and permeable ecosystem of our skin are explored in a way that could make some people a little squeamish.

This program will bring you information about the history of some of the optical devices used by people today. You’ll hear about the invention of contact lenses, the history of sunglasses and the origin of telescopes.

Zoom is a popular video conferencing service that enables people to work from home, connect with friends and family, attend performances, and much more.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Heather Thomas about her new book, “Getting Started With Zoom Meetings: A Guide for JAWS, NVDA, and iPhone Voiceover Users”, that describes how Zoom can be used with a screen reader.

People with poorly controlled diabetes are more susceptible to more severe infection, whether it’s Covid-19, influenza, or tuberculosis. Elevated blood sugar directly impairs immune function. Also, going for regular eye exams is important for people with diabetes. Articles from the October 2020 issue of Diabetes Self-Management magazine.

Reviews: Biography/History; Reviews: Biography/Memoir

EOS 2042: Becoming a Chiropractor, 10/14/20

Oct 12, 2020

After losing her vision in her mid-20’s, Jackie Ouellet was forced to reassess her life and dreams.  Shortly after going through a blindness rehabilitation program she had a plan.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Jackie about how she coped with her vision loss, found a blind chiropractor as a mentor, and went on to obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Halloween is coming soon! This program will bring you a warning about the consequences of wearing decorative or costume contact lenses purchased without a prescription.

Halloween Trick and Tips. The ASPCA and Humane Society show us how to have a safe and fun Halloween with our pets, and a special report from  National Geographic gives us an insight into how parrots learn to communicate. We'll also learn how our pets help us with work-life balance in the age of COVID19.

Articles focus on the health benefits of vitamins C and D for boosting immunity in seniors, with support from Dr. Fauci, authority in the battle against COVID-19.

Human behavior, including the wearing or shunning of masks, will determine the Covid-19 pandemic’s ultimate toll. To understand different behavioral choices a New England Journal of Medicine article looks at scientific mistrust and free-market principles, the polluted information environment, how beliefs shape our personal identity, the health fallout of economic devastation, and tribal norms.  Also, an article on how the pandemic has changed our beauty habits in ways that can be better for skin, hair and nails.

Narrator Interview: Andrea Parsineau; Reviews: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Experts in several fields offer insights into a post-vaccine world for seniors and pundits view the 2020 election.

Judy Dixon has written a number of books about fun and useful apps for iOS devices and how they can be used with VoiceOver.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Judy about her most recent book “Capturing and Sharing the World: Taking Photos and Videos with an iPhone” that describes how you can take photos and videos even if you don’t have any vision.

We'll be reading from National Geographic, where we'll learn how dogs can warn us about toxic chemical exposure in their humans, why its important to track where cats go when they roam outside, and a lot more about our furry and feathered friends.

This week’s program will feature fact based journalism from the United Kingdom with articles written by academics. Topics will include hearing, an artist and how he perceives color, presumptions about people who are blind and sight rehabilitation. The authors are from respected universities in the UK.

This month on ACB Reports, learn about ACB membership services, and how activities that began during the Coronavirus shutdown are increasing participation in the organization.  We'll hear from ACB Member Services Coordinator Cindy Hollis, from the annual ACB Conference and Convention, about the importance of engaing with others, especially during this time of pandemic isolation.

Articles from Next Avenue, The East Hampton Star, CNN and CBC share stories of seniors who are still singing opera and sharing with others while professionals send singing telegrams to those in senior residences.

We'll hear about  organizations stepping up to help pet parents keep their pets cared for, we'll get an update on how shelters are handling adoptions, and then we'll have some fun learning new tips for moving into Autumn

Remember the Cyclops, those one-eyed mythological giants known for their great strength?  It’s a different story if you, in today’s world, are learning to deal with vision in only one eye. In this program, I’ll share information about monocular vision, hoping that it will help you accept your new outlook, seeing your world with only one eye.

Mushrooms have been used medicinally for centuries, and now they may provide us with innovative environmental solutions as well. Fungi including Reishi, lion’s mane and Chaga are gaining popularity in the wellness world

Author/Narrator Interview: Louis Theroux; Reviews: Contemporary Culture; Reviews: Poetry, Drama and Classics

EOS #2040: Non-Visual Theater, 09/30/20

Sep 28, 2020

Mack Gordon, artistic producer of Theatre in the Dark, describes how the group has turned lemons into lemonade despite being unable to hold public performances due to the pandemic.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Mack about their upcoming live virtual audio-only presentation of “War of the Worlds” and how you can join in this evening of creative theater.

Real Simple magazine offers tips on how to relax and find ways to keep calm during these turbulent times. Also, a quick look at the difference between Covid-19 symptoms and seasonal influenza.

5 Questions for Narrator Santino Fontana; Reviews: Young Adult Listening

Digital eyewear devices offer vision impaired users the ability to customize their viewing experience in order to optimize what they see based on their own special needs.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with David Bradburn, President of Zoomax USA, about the Acesight family of products, how they work, and which device might be right for you.

Articles from 55+ magazine gives voice to women and men in their pursuit of justice.  Nancy Dubner’s focus is on women’s rights and three black artists share their passion for racial justice.

Continuing National Disaster Preparedness Month. What if your pet becomes lost  - a disaster in itself. We'll learn about different kinds of collars to help keep dogs from getting lost, and also microchips and other methods that might help get our pets returned if they are lost.