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Making use of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, Supersense is a powerful and versatile scanning app that can be used to explore your environment, find specific objects, scan text, and much more.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Shane Lowe of the Supersense team about the capabilities of this app and what makes it unique.

Feature: Listening With; Feature: The Best of Audiobooks and narrators of 2020 -Memoir; Reviews: Memoir

Ads on TV have lots of visual content that is lost on people who are blind or visually impaired. Sam Latif of Procter and Gamble is working with marketing professionals like herself  to include audio description for their ads, making them more accessible.  

Constant noise in the head - such as a ringing in the ears not associated with any external source, is called tinnitus. This my be caused by loud noise, medications that damage the nerves in the ear, impacted earwax, middle ear problems, and aging. There are strategies for managing tinnitus, but there are not drugs or herbal supplements to treat it. A new device that applies a technique known as bimodal neuromodulation is available in Ireland and Germany

COVID-19 scams selling fake access to vaccines and treatments and IRS scams to steal your money or identity are on the rise.

Cat snoring, dog scooting, and healthy changes for the new year, including what foods are best for your dog's joint health.

This month we'll hear APH Talking Book narrator Erin Jones describe her job and its challenges from the last virtual ACB Conference & Convention.  Plus, we'll have an announcement about the NEW DATES for the 2021 Virtual ACB Conference and Convention.

NEW DATES: July 16-July 23.

David Bradburn, Vice-President Global Sales at Humanware, has been involved in the access technology field for over 35 years.  A lot has changed over that time.  Listen in on a conversation between David as a salesman and host Peter Torpey as a user as they reminisce about the evolution of access technology equipment since the early days.

When you pass a certain age, sometimes you have thoughts about turning back the clock. In this program, you will hear about scientists who are reversing the aging clock in retinal cells. They are trying to restore lost vision.

An AARP special report offers several answers to the question “Who is to Blame for the 100,000 COVID Dead in Long-Term Care?”

The Coronavirus can cause insomnia, nightmares, and long-term changes in our nervous systems. But, an article in The Atlantic magazine suggests, sleep could also be a key to ending the pandemic.

Happier New Year! January 1-8 is National New Year's Resolution week. We'll start fresh with some New Year's Resolutions for our pets. January is also Walk Your Dog month, and we'll hear lots of information on how to get motivated in the least motivating time of year for walks.

AUDIOFILE Magazine #2102 Dec/Jan Week #3, 01/07/21

Jan 4, 2021

Feature: Editors’ Picks;  Feature: The Best of Audiobooks and narrators of 2020 - History/Biography; Reviews: History/Biography

Feature: The Best of Audiobooks and narrators of 2020 - Non-fiction/Culture; Author Interview: Zadie Smith; Reviews: Contemporary Culture

In her recent book, “Inspirational Stories of the Visually Challenged PLUS Resources”, Margaret Barnhart tells the stories of a number of visually impaired people she has known over the years.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Margaret about what motivated her to write the book, some of the people depicted in the book, and their journey with vision loss.

Sound Body #2101: Covid Care 01/01/21

Dec 28, 2020

Researchers are discovering why many people with Covid-SARS-2 lose their sense of smell - some for the duration of symptoms, while others experience this loss for 6 months or more. Also, the Mayo Clinic offers advice on how to care for yourself or a loved one at home while recovering from Covid-19 symptoms, and what symptoms suggest the need for hospitalization.

Let's have fun and stay safe with our pets at our side as we say a resounding goodbye to 2020! Listen to ideas to ring in the New Year, as well as general tips on caring for our pets during a pandemic lockdown that affects everyday life for all of us.

The word “beacon” brings to mind the phrase “a beacon of light” or maybe “a beacon of hope.” In this program, you will meet four truly strong and inspiring people as they are described in the publication called  Beacon Stories  from the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Seniors are returning to learning and higher education for many reasons.  In addition to traditional degrees, many are acquiring certificates programs that can provide a variety of skills for enjoyment or to enhance employability.

Sound Body #2052: Toxic Positivity, 12/25/20

Dec 21, 2020

Toxic positivity, or the idea that we should only focus on positive emotions and the positive aspects of life can be detrimental to our mental health. Toxic positivity can encourage people to stay silent about their struggles, and foster more loneliness by preventing someone from connecting authentically about the ups and downs of their life. Ignoring our collective trauma from the coronavirus pandemic, does not take away the anxiety and loneliness, it just prevents us from creating meaningful actions to help deal with our isolation and fear.

COVID-19 will likely change how we celebrate the New Year.  Articles share some celebration history, tips to keep you safe and some very interesting traditional foods.

Enabled#2052: Going to the Dogs, 12/21/20

Dec 21, 2020

Owners of guide dogs share a special bond with their animal, thinking of them as a member of the family and using their animal for comfort and support. In this program, we’re going to the dogs!
You’ll hear stories about guide dogs that were trained by The Seeing Eye organization in Morristown, NJ.

We'll hear heartwarming stories about pets at Christmastime, including a slightly enhanced version of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Feature: The Best of Audiobooks and narrators of 2020 - Fiction; Narrator Interview: Soneela Nankani; Reviews: Fiction

EOS #2052: From the Other Side, 12/23/20

Dec 21, 2020

Usually it is hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey who are asking the questions of people they interview.  Now the tables have been turned.  This week we have excerpts from an episode of Tek Talk in which Larry Gassman interviewed Nancy and Peter about Eyes On Success.  Hear how the show got started, how it is put together, some highlights, and much more.

Funny holiday stories featuring the antics of our furry loved ones, staying warm and cuddly with our pets, and what holiday treats are good and not so good for them, including easy recipes for special treats.

Reviews: Mystery & Suspense

In iOS 14 Apple made use of the machine learning capabilities built into their devices in order to include new features that are particularly useful to people who are visually impaired.  Host Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Shelly Brisbin about some of these new features that are described in her new book about iOS 14 and accessibility.

Once thought to be a disease only for gluttonous aristocrats, gout is now tormenting the masses.  A historical context of the diagnosis and treatment of gout, as well as the role it has played in some notable historical events. Also, what to eat, and what not to eat if you suffer from gout.

What are story boxes?  A Story Box can help a visually impaired child understand a book. They might even be used by a sighted child interacting with a visually impaired adult. This program will explore the possibilities of Story Boxes.