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election 2020

Listen Online here, or tune into Reachout Radio Sundays at 5:30p or Mondays at 10am and 7pm for this Election 2020 special.  Whether you are concerned about the pandemic, foreign policy, health care, education, the economy, or justice and human rights, your voice can be heard, but only if you vote. Throughout this half hour program you'll learn information about the various ways you can cast your vote, and a listing of the candidates running for office in each race in our region. 

Experts in several fields offer insights into a post-vaccine world for seniors and pundits view the 2020 election.

Silver Threads #2011: Politically Involved Seniors, 03/10/20

Mar 9, 2020

Articles focus on election issues that are especially pertinent to seniors including political activity, health care, social security and climate change, plus an enlightening intergenerational discussion.