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September is National Disaster Preparedness Month. We'll learn the best ways to be prepared for a variety of unexpected disasters - including the added challenges that come with a pandemic.

We'll hear stories and get information to help and entertain us, including summer pet care, pets in the news, and a report on the uncertain fate of a certain pet hamster in Arkansas who got caught-up in the unpredictable nature of the times

We'll answer many of your questions about why your pet does what he or she does that are perfectly normal to your pet, even though they might seem strange to us. And we'll  hear how pets help get their people through tough times like a pandemic

Articles provide information on programs that help elders benefit from connecting with younger generations as pen pals, “grandkids on demand” and college students helping low-income elders achieve healthier and safer independent living.

The latest on what we know about Covid-19 as it pertains to our pets. We'll go over important tips to keep our pets safe while having fun in the summer, and we'll find out how cats are able to get into tight spaces and why they do it.

EOS #2015: Coping While Isolated, 04/08/20

Apr 6, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to dramatically change our daily routines and develop new strategies for navigating through this difficult time.  In this special episode hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey discuss tools and resources you might find useful in work, chores, play, and socializing with friends and family while practicing social isolation.

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