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Pets+Us is a weekly program of information and stories about the companions in our lives – our pets.  The program includes feature articles about the relationship between pets and their humans; useful tools and new products for pets; a “Don’t Eat That” segment that includes things that can be hazardous to your pet’s health; and stories from listeners about their own pets.

Ways to Connect

Host Mary DeFranco takes a look back through the years and shares some of her favorite memories as Pets+Us signs off for the last time.

We'll learn why a goat makes a great companion for a horse, and we'll hear about pets that make friends with animals from other species. We'll also hear the latest on a chihuahua who was having a little difficulty finding his forever home.

Should all pets live indoors, or are there some domestic pets that are happier living outdoors? What's better for them?  What's the difference between a domestic pet and wild animal? We'll find out in this episode.

We'll explore answers to questions about some of those odd quirks our pets have - like why dogs love to ride with their head out the car window, while most cats hate car rides.  And a few other mysteries.

Catwalking, fleas and ticks, and more

Spring has sprung and with it comes the anticipation of lots of changes. Whether you are preparing to return to working outside the home away from your pets, or are looking forward to enjoying more of the great outdoo

rs with your pets, we've got you covered. In this episode, we'll learn how to help our dogs with separation anxiety, and we'll hear lots of tips and products that will come in handy in milder weather

We'll get an update on how the White House's first dogs are adjusting to their new digs, and we'll learn all about the best ways to introduce a new pet to an unfamiliar household

We'll learn about the best pet song birds, how to improve your bird's immune system, how to identify when your cat is in pain, who needs to know when you've adopted a dog, and how much time you need to commit to caring for a pet horse.

We'll hear about a Seresto Flea Collar alert and a Pet Food Recall. Then we'll take a lighthearted look at how the status of cats has improved over time

In this episode, we'll hear how you may be able to deduct expenses associated with your pets on your tax return.  There's a Don't Eat That segment for dogs. And, we'll find out who pet parents turn to when their pets need legal representation.

In the age of covid, we're discovering just how essential our pets are, in a way we might have overlooked before, filling in to provide a vital physical and mental health benefit only they can when many humans spend extended periods isolated from others.

As our thoughts turn to warmer and longer days, many of us look forward to gardens and the aroma of fragrant flowers. In this episode, we learn which are safe and not so safe for our furry friends.

Our dogs need a bath on a regular basis. But do our cats? What about birds, rabbits and other small pets? Reptiles? Or larger pets, like horses? We'll learn who needs a bath, and who uses other methods to get and stay clean.

We'll hear tips for winter pet care. We'll learn whether cats and dogs really need winter outerwear, and if so, which kinds for which types of pets.

Are you prepared financially for a pet illness or emergency? Do you have pet insurance? Do you need it? We'll learn about how to prepare for the unexpected, including a review of the best pet insurance plans for 2021. We'll also learn about therapy animals, and hear the reason cats like to hide in boxes.

We'll hear a review of the best self cleaning litter boxes, learn why dogs' paws can tolerate walks in the cold, and the reason cats like to hide.

We take a look at the emotional connection between humans and our pets, from dogs and cats to horses. We'll learn the reason dogs bark at the mailman, from the dog's point of view, and much more

Is your pet as stressed out as you are with all the changes going on in the world? How can you tell? And what could you do about it? We'll find out in this episode

Did you adopt a puppy or kitten recently, or are  you planning to? Then this episode is for you. We'll cover teething and chewing, toys, health, socializing and much more.

Cat snoring, dog scooting, and healthy changes for the new year, including what foods are best for your dog's joint health.

Happier New Year! January 1-8 is National New Year's Resolution week. We'll start fresh with some New Year's Resolutions for our pets. January is also Walk Your Dog month, and we'll hear lots of information on how to get motivated in the least motivating time of year for walks.

Let's have fun and stay safe with our pets at our side as we say a resounding goodbye to 2020! Listen to ideas to ring in the New Year, as well as general tips on caring for our pets during a pandemic lockdown that affects everyday life for all of us.

We'll hear heartwarming stories about pets at Christmastime, including a slightly enhanced version of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Funny holiday stories featuring the antics of our furry loved ones, staying warm and cuddly with our pets, and what holiday treats are good and not so good for them, including easy recipes for special treats.

Celebrating the Festival of Lights with our pets. We'll get the scoop on the First Feline who will soon be moving into the White House, and listen to inspiring real-life stories about a young lady and her guide dog, a man who made his home and living in an animal shelter, and a shelter dog that finally found his forever home just in time for the holidays.

Lots of things to make you smile - tips on celebrating Hanukkah with our pets, unique gifts for the pets and pet lovers in your life, and we'll have a few laughs with some funny stories about all kinds of pets.

Pets+Us #2048: Thanksgiving Tradition, 11/26/20

Nov 23, 2020

Lots of tasty holiday Don't Eat That do's and don'ts, a history of the pets past presidents have kept while serving in the White House, and a Thanksgiving pet tradition from Guideposts.

Introducing the White House's new first rescue dog Major Biden and his older 'brother' Champ. Plus, we review the best dog coats according to thedogoutside, and get an understanding of how our cat's needs and behavior change as they age. And, what holiday foods are okay to feed Fido?

November 12th is Fancy Rat and Mouse Day. We'll learn what it takes to properly care for your pet rat. Pet Sounds - we'll hear different cat meow sounds and what they mean. We'll learn how to help an anxious cat and how to bond with our dog

Pets on the Couch - the science of the similarities in treating mental health problems in pets and humans, also how pet pigs communicate with their humans, and who was sitting in the stands at a popular NFL game? All that and more.