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Verizon Digital provides a guide to Mobile Technology for People with Vision Loss

Mar 23, 2021

young blind man listening to smart phone

While smartphones and tablets are helpful in everyday life, those with low vision and blindness may find it difficult or even impossible to use them. Fortunately, smartphone manufacturers and software developers are aware of the problem and work to implement many accessibility features on mobile devices so people with low vision can use them. Click to learn more.

Verizon's digital accessiblity team has created the Mobile Assistive Technologies for People with Low Vision and Blindness guide to help you make the best choices when looking to get a smart phone or accessible apps. The guide is very thorough and includes the following topics:  Click on any one of the topics to learn more. 

Accessibility Features Included in Mainstream Devices

Screen Readers

Voice-Activated Functions

Touchscreen Gestures

Third-Party Apps for People With Low Vision

Barcode Readers

Color Detectors


Light Detectors

Low-Vision Camera

Money Readers

Reminder Apps

Screen Readers


Accessible Phones and Accessories for People With Low Vision


Braille Keyboards


Raz Mobility Lucia

Assistive Smart Home Technology

Digital Assistants


Accessibility Feature Resource

AbilityNet My Computer My Way

Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative

National Federation of the Blind

National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled