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Meet Erica Kram, Accessibility Project Manager at Netflix

Nov 16, 2018

Erica Kram

Recently Erica Kram published this article on her LinkedIn page, titled My Journey Into (and a Brief History of) Audio Description at Netflix. 

A few years after being employed at Netflix, Erica overheard a conversation in the hallway that changed her life, and presumably the lives of many people with vision loss who benefit from audio descriptive services to access visual content on television programs, movies and live theater events.  (Click here to learn more about audio description from the American Council of the Blind.)

In Erica's article, she tells about the exciting launch in April 2015 of 100 titles available via Netflix with audio description.  She also tells of the terrible faux pas that Netflix quickly responded to because of audience feedback. 

What started as a one-time project three and a half years ago has turned in to so much more. Since then, a few others with the same dedication to making content accessible, have formed a small, but mighty, Accessibility team here at Netflix. We have made it our priority to help find AD for our licensed content and to ensure that our Scripted Originals launch with AD.

Read Erica's complete article My Journey Into (and a Brief History of) Audio Description at Netflix and learn more about how to access audio description on Netflix.

Watch a video on how to access all audio described programs on Netflix.