Best Friends

Pets+Us #1815: Pets with Dementia, 04/12/18

Apr 9, 2018

How to help our older pets with dementia, we'll explore the connection between vocal learning in birds and humans' ability to learn language, and the co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society has a suggestion to make airline travel safer for pets. 

Dog Discoveries

National Geographic explains why dogs are so friendly, we'll learn the differences between dogs and wolves, and could your cat's cough be asthma?

We'll learn how to care for a pet that has lost a limb, we'll get the basics on how to house train your dog, and a pet parent shares her experience as her dog undergoes chemotherapy.

Adventure Cats

Host Mary DeFranco will clear up misconceptions about feline leukemia, share information on why cats eat grass, and we'll get veterinary money saving tips from the AMVA.

Apartment Therapy

We'll learn how to build a catio, why dogs have whiskers and why they like to steal things

Pets+Us #1727: Goats as Pets, 06/29/17

Jun 30, 2017

Host Mary DeFranco tells us what we need to know if you're thinking of getting a backyard goat as a pet.  She'll also share lots of hot weather safety tips for your pets.

Host Mary DeFranco shares several "How-to's" for pet owners.  From how to clicker train your cat, how to teach your dog his name, how to cat-proof your home, how to prevent dog bites, and more.

What it takes to become a vet from the veterinarian's' point of view, and we'll learn about different veterinary specialists.

Victoria Stilwell Positively

Where to Get your new Rabbit, guidelines for horse care, how to introduce your pets to your newborn, and the History of Guide Dogs.

Our Happy Cat

Advice from experts on how to enrich your cat's life, the importance of bonding with your cat, and some science on how often to feed your cat to meet his natural nutritional needs.

Pets+Us #1630: Vaccinations and Parasites, 07/21/16

Jul 20, 2016

The Medical Director at Best Friends Animal Society gives us the latest protocols on Pet Vaccinations, and explains the types of Parasites that can infect our pets and how they are treated.

Pets+Us #1627: Loud Noise Phobias, 06/30/16

Jun 30, 2016

Helping our pets cope during fireworks and thunderstorms, and Beyond the Bunny House at Best Friends Sanctuary.

Pets+Us #1612: Adopt a Shelter Pet, 03/17/16

Mar 17, 2016

A compelling piece from Best Friends Animal Society makes a case for the benefits of choosing adoption over buying pets from pet stores via puppy mills.

A review of Pet Health Insurance plans by  We’ll also cover dental care, obesity, and bird care.

We review the care and experience level required for the most popular small pets. Our feature will be from the March/April 2015 edition of Best Friends Magazine that explains five ways we’re not so different from our dogs after all.