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Temporary OFF-AIR announcement

WXXI-TV experienced a catastrophic transmitter failure, and a crew will be working to replace the equipment TUESDAY night. The significance of this failure has impacted many of WXXI's services, and it is likely that the transmitter will be off line for most of this week. We are working as quickly as possible to restore full service for our over-the-air television viewers and listeners in the southern tier. In order for the crew to work safely, WXXI-Reachout Radio will be off the air for...

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This week's PODCASTS

The Washington Post looks at the role of drug companies funding medical charities for rare diseases. Following one patient with hereditary angioedema, this article suggests that it is good business for drug companies to donate to independent  charities.

Pets+Us #1833: Running Guide Dogs, 08/16/18

Aug 13, 2018
55 Plus Magazine for Rochester's active adults

We'll get an update on a woman who trains running guide dogs, learn about microchipping your pets, and get some insights into why cats do what they do.

Remembering Philip Roth: Mini Reviews List; Reviews: Fiction

Health care providers, non-profits and seniors themselves focus on ways to defend against the negative outcomes attributed to isolation and loneliness, which may be as bad a smoking or obesity.

Politicians and journalists, now that certainly is an ‘odd couple’ considering our current situation. In this program I have discovered common ground and that is blindness.  You will hear about a blind journalist and her interview with a blind politician. You’ll also hear about a man who is the North American political correspondent for the BBC. 

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