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As our thoughts turn to warmer and longer days, many of us look forward to gardens and the aroma of fragrant flowers. In this episode, we learn which are safe and not so safe for our furry friends.

Our dogs need a bath on a regular basis. But do our cats? What about birds, rabbits and other small pets? Reptiles? Or larger pets, like horses? We'll learn who needs a bath, and who uses other methods to get and stay clean.

We'll hear a review of the best self cleaning litter boxes, learn why dogs' paws can tolerate walks in the cold, and the reason cats like to hide.

Scary dog tales, lucky black cats, a spooky childhood fable, and of course, safety tips. It's that time of year when darkness falls way too early, the wind howls, and things go bump in the night. Maybe we don't go trick or treating this year, but we still have spooky stories we can tell to mark the holiday in Halloween fashion.

We'll get plenty of tips from the experts on autumn fun and safety, timely information on the use of hand sanitizer, and, in honor of National Pet Memorial Day, we'll learn what to say when someone loses a pet