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Adult children, even those with families have moved back in with parents due to pandemic losses. Other families are opting to use accessary dwelling units, sometimes called granny flats to house aging parents. Both can alter family relationships positively.

In the age of covid, we're discovering just how essential our pets are, in a way we might have overlooked before, filling in to provide a vital physical and mental health benefit only they can when many humans spend extended periods isolated from others.

Is your pet as stressed out as you are with all the changes going on in the world? How can you tell? And what could you do about it? We'll find out in this episode

COVID-19 scams selling fake access to vaccines and treatments and IRS scams to steal your money or identity are on the rise.

Let's have fun and stay safe with our pets at our side as we say a resounding goodbye to 2020! Listen to ideas to ring in the New Year, as well as general tips on caring for our pets during a pandemic lockdown that affects everyday life for all of us.

Medieval Europeans didn’t understand how the plague spread. Their response to this threat wasn’t so different from our response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, an article from Scientific American on how Covid-19 death counts are tabulated.

Halloween Trick and Tips. The ASPCA and Humane Society show us how to have a safe and fun Halloween with our pets, and a special report from  National Geographic gives us an insight into how parrots learn to communicate. We'll also learn how our pets help us with work-life balance in the age of COVID19.

We'll hear about  organizations stepping up to help pet parents keep their pets cared for, we'll get an update on how shelters are handling adoptions, and then we'll have some fun learning new tips for moving into Autumn

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month. We'll learn the best ways to be prepared for a variety of unexpected disasters - including the added challenges that come with a pandemic.

We'll answer many of your questions about why your pet does what he or she does that are perfectly normal to your pet, even though they might seem strange to us. And we'll  hear how pets help get their people through tough times like a pandemic

Next Avenue articles offer ways seniors are persevering during the pandemic. They share on grief, daily life, acts of kindness and silver linings as well as reviving relationships and maintaining a since of community.