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mental health

Empty Nest Syndrome, while not a clinical diagnosis, can be disruptive to parents and especially mothers when the last child leaves home. Articles focus on the benefit of sharing feelings, finding new pursuits, changes in relationships with children and spouse and getting professional help if needed.

The music industry is working to help musicians and their on-the-road colleagues who face unique challenges in addressing addiction and mental-health issues.

An investigation by PBS News Hour and Kaiser Health News reveals the increased incidence of elder Americans committing suicide in long term care facilities and how it might be prevented.

Topics include class reunions (yes, go!), Long Term Care statistics, choosing grandparent names, ER visit statistics and feeling blah.

How to find the right kind of mental health care, and the right kind of mental health care practitioner.

Articles  explore the many ways that laughter and humor can benefit seniors' health, especially those with dementia.

The University of California at Berkeley Wellness Letter has been in publication for more than 30 years. In it, researchers, doctors and wellness experts from the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley and elsewhere  report on the best studies and information available too promote optimal physical and mental well-being.

AARP’s Barry Jacobs presents information on the caregiving issues of family discord, abuse, guilt, humor,  and mental health.

A look at the winners and losers from passage of the 21st Century Cures Act.