Many procedures are done in surgical centers now instead of in hospitals - colonoscopies, cataract surgery, endoscopy, prostate biopsies, orthopedic surgeries, to name a few. A USA Today/Kaiser Health News investigation of public records found that surgery centers have risked lives by operating on frail patients, by skimping on life-saving training and equipment and by sending patients home too soon.

This week’s program exposes the illegal eviction of elder residents from nursing homes.  Also known as dumping, it involves moving a resident without proper warning or refusing to readmit when the removal was unwarranted.

Beyond being addicted themselves, elders can be drawn into the struggles of addicted children, grandchildren and other family members with serious consequences.

AARP Bulletin offers a special report on Medicare Fraud, focusing on different scams, how they affects seniors, how to fight fraud, the Medicare Strike force and the new Medicare beneficiary identifier cards.

Next Avenue articles compare Medicare to health care abroad and offers what Trump’s Medicare proposals many mean. The  National Council on Aging offers negative and positive impact to Medicare from the budget just passed.


Conclusion to the New Yorker article titled “Is Health Care A Right?” Dr. Atul Gawande explores 2 competing sets of values surrounding the health care debate. Americans want to reward work, ingenuity, self-reliance. And we also want to protect the weak and the vulnerable.

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Dr. Atul Gawande explores two competing sets of values surrounding the health care debate. Americans want to reward work, ingenuity, self-reliance. And we also want to protect the weak and the vulnerable. Published in the October 2, 2017 New Yorker, and titled "Is Health Care A Right?"

:  Medicare Open Enrollment period from October 15 to December 7 allows Medicare users to review and change contracts for all parts of Medicare, A, B, C and D with the help of Medicare’s plan finder on its website and customer service representatives..

Articles present a timeline following the issue of the hospital outpatient observation status loophole and efforts to save seniors from huge unexpected expenses.

Many different types of hearing aids are available for people with moderate to severe hearing loss. Researchers are trying to find ways to deliver medications into the hard to reach inner ear. Efforts to make inexpensive over the counter hearing aids available to consumers with slight to moderate hearing loss.

Hospitals have learned to manipulate the medical codes used for billing to their advantage, as have the medical insurance companies. This often results in outrageously high medical bills.

AARP Bulletin’s special report on Medicare highlights concerns about its future as a guaranteed benefit and the benefits accorded by the ACA including free preventive services and reduced prescription drug charges.

Health outcomes in Concordia Parish Louisiana are more comparable to developing countries than to much of the United States. What are the historic and current conditions that have created a part of the country that has been left behind.

Topics on a variety of Social Security articles include the 2016 COLA, what it’s like to live on Social Security and how Social Security misleads  claimants.

How did health insurance become so costly and controversial? A look at the history of medical payment from the 1900's to today. Arguments for and against the continuation of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

AARP Bulletin’s Election 2016 article offers responses from the two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, to questions on issues most important to seniors.

The Medicare/Medicaid Programs for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE, once only operated by non-profits are now being given the opportunity to be operated by private equity firms

In August a federal appeals court banned the Justice Department from prosecuting medical marijuana cases if no state laws were broken. A variety of opinions from a number of sources on medical marijuana usage and legality. Medicare prescriptions drop in states where medical marijuana is legalized.

In the absence of a Social Security COLA this year, many Medicare beneficiaries will see sharp increases in premiums and prescription drug coverage will increase as well. 

Medicare Open Enrollment, October 15 through December 7 is an opportunity to change enrollments in Medicare advantage plans and Medicare prescription drug plans.

Next avenue articles refute the myth that boomers are pillaging the U.S economy. When in fact they are the most generous generation, and make better decisions than younger generations.