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We'll learn why a goat makes a great companion for a horse, and we'll hear about pets that make friends with animals from other species. We'll also hear the latest on a chihuahua who was having a little difficulty finding his forever home.

In the age of covid, we're discovering just how essential our pets are, in a way we might have overlooked before, filling in to provide a vital physical and mental health benefit only they can when many humans spend extended periods isolated from others.

Our dogs need a bath on a regular basis. But do our cats? What about birds, rabbits and other small pets? Reptiles? Or larger pets, like horses? We'll learn who needs a bath, and who uses other methods to get and stay clean.

We take a look at the emotional connection between humans and our pets, from dogs and cats to horses. We'll learn the reason dogs bark at the mailman, from the dog's point of view, and much more