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As we all learn to social distance, it is important for those of us who are sighted to help people with guide dogs know we are there and help keep a safe distance. The Seeing Eye, one of 90 accredited guide dog schools in the nation, has updated their 5 Tips to reflect new social distancing norms. 

In this program you will be enjoying some tasty leftovers.   By that, I mean  articles that just didn’t fit in to recent programs…..leftovers.  Topics will include a blind inventor, artificial intelligence, uncommon eye diseases and dogs. 

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

In past episodes of Eyes On Success we talked about how guide dogs are raised and trained to work with their owners.  But how do you know if a guide dog is right for you and, if you decide that you want a guide dog, how do you prepare?  This week hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Marc Gillard of Guide Dogs for the Blind who addresses these questions.

Puppies in your dorm room? At some colleges they are not only allowed in your dorm room but they also can go to class with you. In this program, you'll hear about guide dog puppy raisers on campus. We'll visit Ithaca College, the University of Maryland and a few others.

Pets+Us #1734: Dogs in Summer, 08/17/17

Aug 14, 2017

We'll learn about summer dog training and feeding tips, why cats love cardboard boxes, and comedian Brian Fischler give us his top ten misconceptions about guide dogs.

EOS 1702: Guide Dogs - The Training, 01/04/17

Jan 4, 2017
Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.

Did you ever wonder what is involved in training a guide dog or what the experience is like for the recipient of a dog?  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey walk through the process when they talk with Maria Nuzzi, a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor at Guide Dog Foundation and America’s Vet Dogs and Andrew Rubenstein, director of Marketing for the Foundation.

EOS 1701: Guide Dogs - An Overview 12/28/16

Jan 4, 2017

What is involved in getting and working with a guide dog?  Is a guide dog right for you?  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey address these and other questions with Carolyn Giambalvo, a Consumer Services Associate at Guide Dog Foundation and America’s Vet Dogs, her guide dog Alice, and Andrew Rubenstein, the Director of Marketing.

Is a Guide Dog right for you?

Oct 10, 2016

So you grew up with a puppy and dogs have always been a part of your life.  But what if you've never experienced that bond of "man's best friend?" 

When vision loss comes, you may be considering whether a guide dog might be right for you.  After all, what can a guide dog do for you?

This program will include two stories about guide dogs, information about Facebook

accessibility, Bookshare from the NYPL, electronic glasses and the possible connection between ADHD and visual impairment in children.

In this week's program, the second of two featuring newsletters from around the country, you'll be hearing about a canine development center in Michigan, a museum in New Hampshire, book choices and a recipe from California and program ideas from Ohio.