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Don't Eat That

Spring has sprung and with it comes the anticipation of lots of changes. Whether you are preparing to return to working outside the home away from your pets, or are looking forward to enjoying more of the great outdoo

rs with your pets, we've got you covered. In this episode, we'll learn how to help our dogs with separation anxiety, and we'll hear lots of tips and products that will come in handy in milder weather

In this episode, we'll hear how you may be able to deduct expenses associated with your pets on your tax return.  There's a Don't Eat That segment for dogs. And, we'll find out who pet parents turn to when their pets need legal representation.

Is your pet as stressed out as you are with all the changes going on in the world? How can you tell? And what could you do about it? We'll find out in this episode

Let's have fun and stay safe with our pets at our side as we say a resounding goodbye to 2020! Listen to ideas to ring in the New Year, as well as general tips on caring for our pets during a pandemic lockdown that affects everyday life for all of us.

Funny holiday stories featuring the antics of our furry loved ones, staying warm and cuddly with our pets, and what holiday treats are good and not so good for them, including easy recipes for special treats.

Introducing the White House's new first rescue dog Major Biden and his older 'brother' Champ. Plus, we review the best dog coats according to thedogoutside, and get an understanding of how our cat's needs and behavior change as they age. And, what holiday foods are okay to feed Fido?

We'll learn about the best no-pull leashes for dogs, which nuts your dog should and should not eat, and the Humane Society's suggestions for safely marking the Halloween season with our pets. And are you having trouble being able to feed your pets in this uncertain time? Lots of people are. There are resources in your area that you can use to keep your furry friends fed.

We'll hear about  organizations stepping up to help pet parents keep their pets cared for, we'll get an update on how shelters are handling adoptions, and then we'll have some fun learning new tips for moving into Autumn

We'll get plenty of tips from the experts on autumn fun and safety, timely information on the use of hand sanitizer, and, in honor of National Pet Memorial Day, we'll learn what to say when someone loses a pet

We'll hear stories and get information to help and entertain us, including summer pet care, pets in the news, and a report on the uncertain fate of a certain pet hamster in Arkansas who got caught-up in the unpredictable nature of the times

Why do dogs circle before lying down? We'll get some interesting answers about that and other compelling dog questions, we'll get pet grooming tips from the ASPCA, and a lot more in this episode for dog and cat parents

Summer Fun and Picnics! Lots of tips on how to have a safe picnic with your pets. And, will your pet miss you when you go back to work? We'll learn what we can do to ease the separation.

How to stay positive for your dog under stress. We'll learn creative ways to keep your senior dog active, and get tips on clean eating for pets, and much more.

Adopt a rescued guinea pig month, pet grooming tips, exciting stories about miracle mutts and hero dogs, and should you give your dog a bone?