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We'll explore answers to questions about some of those odd quirks our pets have - like why dogs love to ride with their head out the car window, while most cats hate car rides.  And a few other mysteries.

We'll hear heartwarming stories about pets at Christmastime, including a slightly enhanced version of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Lots of things to make you smile - tips on celebrating Hanukkah with our pets, unique gifts for the pets and pet lovers in your life, and we'll have a few laughs with some funny stories about all kinds of pets.

We'll answer many of your questions about why your pet does what he or she does that are perfectly normal to your pet, even though they might seem strange to us. And we'll  hear how pets help get their people through tough times like a pandemic

January 5th is National Bird Day - we'll learn about some of the best pet birds, how to select the right pet bird for your family, and a special Don't Eat That just for birds. And we'll hear some heartwarming real-life stories about dogs and cats. (Rpt. 01/02/20)