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Real Simple magazine offers tips on how to relax and find ways to keep calm during these turbulent times. Also, a quick look at the difference between Covid-19 symptoms and seasonal influenza.

Articles from 55+ magazine gives voice to women and men in their pursuit of justice.  Nancy Dubner’s focus is on women’s rights and three black artists share their passion for racial justice.

AARP’s article, The Changing American Table tells us how science and technology have changed what we eat and the way we produce our food.  It offers a timeline from Campbell’s Mushroom Soup in 1934 to meals kits delivered to your door today.

A former corporate propagandist for a large health insurance company admits that he sold Americans a lie about Canadian medicine, in order to prevent the formation of a single-payer system. He believes that his lies are responsible for thousands of Covid-19 deaths already.

Some studies have shown that Type O blood has a protective effect, while another suggested that people with Type A blood may have a higher risk of catching Covid-19. Other studies do not show any significant differences related to blood type. Also, the American Red Cross is in critical need of blood donations. A look at different types of blood donation. Also, how to stop “doomscrolling” or over-focusing on doom and gloom news.

New York Times reports some nursing homes have evicted vulnerable residents to make room for customers who can generate more revenue, especially covid-19 patients.  On the other hand US News and World Report’s annual Best Nursing Home ratings provide data driven resources for querying nursing homes.

AARP June/July magazine highlights Alan Alda, his love of science, surviving polio, living with Parkinson’s disease and life during the pandemic.  Celebrities including YoY o Ma, Savannah Guthrie and others give us a peek into their quarantine time at home.

Digestive problems appear to be more common than they were years ago. Digestion is a critical function the body must perform in order to survive and thrive. Also, making the decision to see a doctor for non-critical appointments or elective procedures during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Next Avenue articles offer ways seniors are persevering during the pandemic. They share on grief, daily life, acts of kindness and silver linings as well as reviving relationships and maintaining a since of community.

:   A New York Times article comparing the risk of dying from Covid-19 to the risk of dying from driving to work every day, skydiving, or being a soldier in a war. Also, Consumer Reports looks at paying for healthcare during the coronavirus pandemic - assessing health care plans available to people who have lost employment, and offering suggestions on how to get help if  you receive a surprise medical bill.

The latest on what we know about Covid-19 as it pertains to our pets. We'll go over important tips to keep our pets safe while having fun in the summer, and we'll find out how cats are able to get into tight spaces and why they do it.

What does it mean to be “Aging in the Time of Covid?”  Two recent articles explore some of the long-term effects, good and not so good, of this historic epidemic might be. Some in the geriatric field worry that incidents of ageism will get worse.  Others see some changes for good such as use of telemedicine, online grocery shopping and working from home.

The American Foundation for the Blind and the American Council of the Blind are looking for people who are blind or visually impaired in the United States, over the age of 18 to respond to a survey about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted your life.  Click here to TAKE THE SURVEY.

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