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In the age of covid, we're discovering just how essential our pets are, in a way we might have overlooked before, filling in to provide a vital physical and mental health benefit only they can when many humans spend extended periods isolated from others.

As our thoughts turn to warmer and longer days, many of us look forward to gardens and the aroma of fragrant flowers. In this episode, we learn which are safe and not so safe for our furry friends.

Let's have fun and stay safe with our pets at our side as we say a resounding goodbye to 2020! Listen to ideas to ring in the New Year, as well as general tips on caring for our pets during a pandemic lockdown that affects everyday life for all of us.

Funny holiday stories featuring the antics of our furry loved ones, staying warm and cuddly with our pets, and what holiday treats are good and not so good for them, including easy recipes for special treats.

November 12th is Fancy Rat and Mouse Day. We'll learn what it takes to properly care for your pet rat. Pet Sounds - we'll hear different cat meow sounds and what they mean. We'll learn how to help an anxious cat and how to bond with our dog

Halloween Trick and Tips. The ASPCA and Humane Society show us how to have a safe and fun Halloween with our pets, and a special report from  National Geographic gives us an insight into how parrots learn to communicate. We'll also learn how our pets help us with work-life balance in the age of COVID19.

We'll hear about  organizations stepping up to help pet parents keep their pets cared for, we'll get an update on how shelters are handling adoptions, and then we'll have some fun learning new tips for moving into Autumn

We'll get plenty of tips from the experts on autumn fun and safety, timely information on the use of hand sanitizer, and, in honor of National Pet Memorial Day, we'll learn what to say when someone loses a pet

We'll hear stories and get information to help and entertain us, including summer pet care, pets in the news, and a report on the uncertain fate of a certain pet hamster in Arkansas who got caught-up in the unpredictable nature of the times

We'll learn about Summer safety tips, the benefits of multiple pets, and what substances are not toxic for your pets and aren't likely to send you to the  emergency vet.

Why do dogs circle before lying down? We'll get some interesting answers about that and other compelling dog questions, we'll get pet grooming tips from the ASPCA, and a lot more in this episode for dog and cat parents

We'll hear about Interspecies Animal Relationships that Prove Love Is All You Need. We'll get tips on Valentines Day safety, exercise and dental care for our furry friends.

CBD, marijuana and your pet - is it safe? The ASPCA and American Veterinary Medical Association weigh in. We'll learn which dogs shed the least, and we'll hear  lots of interesting facts about cats, some you might not know about.

Help for dogs with separation anxiety, winter tips and myths, kitten teething, cat weight loss. And we'll answer the burning question why dogs' feet smell like Fritos.