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AudioFile provides selected news and reviews of recent releases of audiobooks from the most recent issue of AudioFile Magazine.

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Reviews: Science Fiction/Fantasy; Author Interview: John Scalzi; Reviews: Children & Family Listening 

Feature: "Tease," All About Audiobook Romance; Reviews: Historical Fiction; Reviews: Mystery and Suspense; Narrator Interview: Gordon Griffin

Feature: In the Studio - A Unique, All-encompassing Experience; Reviews: Contemporary Culture 

Editor's Picks, Part 2; Reviews: Fiction; "Listening With," Janis Ian

Editors' Picks, Part 1; Feature: "Learning by Ear: The Power of the Narrator's Story."; Reviews: Fiction

Editor's Notes; Reviews: Biography/Memoir/History; Author Interview: Ruth Reichl

Reviews: Mystery & Suspense; Feature: Learning By Ear: "Teachers, Coaches and Narrators"; 9 Mini Reviews from Audiobooks and Literacy

Feature: "Listening With" Artist and Illustrator, Sophie Blackall; Reviews: Mystery & Suspense; Author Interview: Craig Johnson

Reviews: Science Fiction/Fantasy; Reviews: Children & Family Listening

Feature: Editors' Pix, Part 2; Reviews: Contemporary Culture

Feature: Editors' Pix, Part 1; Reviews: Fiction; Narrator Interview: R. C. Bray   

Feature: Indie Publishers Corner;  Reviews: Classics and Audio Theatre; Reviews: Fiction

Feature: Audiobooks and Literacy; Reviews: Young Adult; Narrator Interview: Julia Whelan  

Feature: Biography Memoir Issue; Reviews: Biography/Memoir/History; Author Interview: Helen MacDonald  

Reviews: Children and Family Listening; Learning By Ear - Good Things Happen When...

Reviews: Young Adult Listening; Author Interview: David Almond; Reviews: Children and Family Listening

Feature: Audiobooks and Literacy - Promoting Literacy; Reviews: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Audio Theatre; Reviews: Romance

Author Interview: Scott Simon; Reviews: Biography/History/Memoir