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AudioFile provides selected news and reviews of recent releases of audiobooks from the most recent issue of AudioFile Magazine.

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Reviews: Finish Reviews: Children & Family Listening; Reviews: Personal Growth; Reviews: Learning By Ear

Behind the Mic with Frankie Corzo; Reviews: Science Fiction/Fantasy; Reviews: Children & Family Listening

Reviews: finish Fiction; Reviews: Romance; Narrator Interview: Mary Jane Wells

Feature: 5 Questions for Dion Graham; Reviews: Fiction

: In the Studio, Producing Barak Obama’s A PROMISED LAND; Reviews: Memoir/Biography/History

Reviews: 4 Big Winter Listens; Reviews: Contemporary Culture; Feature: “Listening With” Tim Caulfield

Editors’ Picks; Reviews: Mystery & Suspense

Author Inteview: Paulette Jiles; Reviews: Poetry, Classics and Drama

Feature: The Best of Audiobooks and narrators of 2020 - Romance: Reviews: Romance; Feature: Learning by Ear

Feature: Audiobooks and Literacy: For Science minded kids; Feature: The Best of list - Young Adult Listening; Reviews: Young Adult Listening

Feature: The Best of list - Children and Family Listening; Narrator Interview:Adam Lazarre Smith; Reviews: Children and Family Listening; Reviews: Children and Family Listening

Feature: The Best of Audiobooks and narrators of 2020 - Sci fi/Fantasy/Horror

Feature: The Best of Audiobooks and narrators of 2020-Mystery/Suspense; Narrator Interview: Behind the Mic with Robert Bathhurst; Reviews: Mystery/Suspense

Feature: Listening With; Feature: The Best of Audiobooks and narrators of 2020 -Memoir; Reviews: Memoir

AUDIOFILE Magazine #2102 Dec/Jan Week #3, 01/07/21

Jan 4, 2021

Feature: Editors’ Picks;  Feature: The Best of Audiobooks and narrators of 2020 - History/Biography; Reviews: History/Biography

Feature: The Best of Audiobooks and narrators of 2020 - Non-fiction/Culture; Author Interview: Zadie Smith; Reviews: Contemporary Culture

Feature: The Best of Audiobooks and narrators of 2020 - Fiction; Narrator Interview: Soneela Nankani; Reviews: Fiction

Reviews: Mystery & Suspense

Feature: Audiobooks and Literacy;  Learning by Ear; Reviews:Children and Family Listening

5 Questions for  Phoebe Strole; Reviews: Young Adult Listening

Narrator Interview: Matthew Lloyd Davies; Reviews: Contemporary Culture

Editors’ Picks; Reviews: Fiction Part II

Narrator Interview: Yetide Badaki; Reviews: Fiction Part I

Author Interview: Isabel Wilkerson; Reviews: History Biography Memoir

Feature: “Listening With”; Reviews: Poetry and Classics; Reviews: Romance

Reviews: 4 Big Fall; Behind the mic w/Dirk Maggs; Reviews: Science Fiction Fantasy

Reviews: Biography/History; Reviews: Biography/Memoir

Narrator Interview: Andrea Parsineau; Reviews: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Author/Narrator Interview: Louis Theroux; Reviews: Contemporary Culture; Reviews: Poetry, Drama and Classics

5 Questions for Narrator Santino Fontana; Reviews: Young Adult Listening