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Writing, Crafting, Gardening, Cooking or Tech, the Hadley School has a discussion group for you

May 12, 2020

Person crocheting

During this pandemic, people around the world are once again returning to hobbies that they may not have done for years.  Just because you have lost your vision doesn't mean that you can't take up a hobby as well.  Whether you like to write, do crafts like knitting, crocheting or painting, you garden, cook, or are into tech gadgets, the Hadley School has a discussion group and podcast for you. These FREE groups are open to all and you can call in by phone or on computer. Days and times vary. Learn more.

Writer's Circle: Writers of all abilities are encouraged to participate in discussion of all genres of writing, including journaling, storytelling, memoirs, and much more.

Crafting Circle: From knitting to scrapbooking, quilting to sculpting, we will share ideas, tips, and tricks to enjoy many creative endeavors.

Resource Roundtable: Join our Resource Roundtable to discover and share tips, unique to vision loss, for connecting to the information and support you are looking for.

Hadley Growers: If you have a green thumb (or you'd like to have one) you are invited to Hadley's gardening discussion group! 

Tech it Out: Learn a few tips about everyday technology from a technology expert, ask your questions, and share your experiences.

What's Cooking: Join your fellow Hadley home cooks as we explore cooking tips, tricks, and fun things to try.

Get Up and Go! You CAN stay physically active, no matter your level of vision or fitness!

Travel Talk: Discover tips and tricks and share your own experiences of traveling with a visual impairment.