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Vision Portraits: America ReFramed, Feb 6, 2021 @ 10pm on WXXI-TV

Feb 3, 2021

The filmmaker Rodney Evans, whose documentary “Vision Portraits” features artists who have varying degrees of visual impairment.Credit...Kjerstin Rossi/Stimulus Pictures

Filmmakers have always faced an obstacle when it comes to depicting blindness on screen; some topics resist elaboration in a visual medium. But in the essay documentary “Vision Portraits,” the filmmaker Rodney Evans suggests that going blind can lead to new ways of seeing.  Saturday, Feb 6th at 10pm on WXXI-TV.

Acclaimed director Rodney Evans (Brother to Brother and The Happy Sad) takes viewers on a personal journey as he ponders how the deterioration of his vision will impact his life and work as a filmmaker. 

Interviewing blind and low vision artists— a photographer, a dancer and a writer— Evans embarks on a quest to learn how other artists have continued to create art and how their journeys might serve as inspiration for his own.