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Old Time Radio for October 2019 brings us "Macabre"

Sep 26, 2019


Macabre is a series created toward the end of radio's golden age, lasting only eight shows. Macabre was exceptionally well written and the actors are unknown but quite believable. This month we'll hear "Weekend," "The Man in the Mirror," "The House in the Garden" and "The Avenger."

1 - Assorted dramas: CBS Radio Workshop; "A Pride of Carrots, Or, Venus Well Served;" w/ Bill Thompson, Dawes Butler, and June Foray
2 - The Third Man; Lives of Harry Lime; w/ Orson Welles; "See Naples and Live"
3 - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis; guest star, John Carradine
4 - Macabre; "Weekend"

7 - The Eddie Bracken Show; w/ Eddie Bracken, Anne Rutherford, and William Demarest
8 - Frontline Theater; "Ham For Sale"; w/ Jack Benny, Barbara Stanwyck, Basil Rathbone, and Michael Curtiz
9 - Lives of Harry Lime; "Clay Pigeon"
10 - Martin and Lewis; w/ Marilyn Maxwell
11 - Macabre; "The Man In the Mirror"

14 - The Eddie Bracken Show
15 - Hallmark Playhouse; "Goodbye, Mr Chips"; w/ Ronald Colman
16 - Lives of Harry Lime; "The Bohemian Star"
17 - Martin and Lewis; w/ Burt Lancaster
18 - Macabre; "The House in the Garden"

21 - The Eddie Bracken Show
22 - Hollywood Star Playhouse; "The Six Shooter;" w/ James Stewart; premier episode
23 - Lives of Harry Lime; "Love Affair"
24 - Martin and Lewis; w/ John Garfield
25 - Macabre; "The Avenger"

28 - The Eddie Bracken Show
29 - Spotlight Playhouse; "The Genius From Hoboken;" w/ Lou Tobin and Jack Webb
30 - Lives of Harry Lime; "Rogue's Holiday"
31 - Martin and Lewis; w/ William Boyd