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Old Time Radio for November 2019 pays tribute to veterans

Oct 24, 2019

Words at War WW II Radio Drama

In honor of Veterans Day and the many in our audience that have served our country through the decades, we bring you Words at War, the 30 minute radio dramatic anthology series dealing with stories condensed from books written about World War II. The series, that aired 1943-1945, started in the middle of the war and at the most crucial time of the war for the allies, somewhat heightening it's debut.

1 — Adventures of Sam Spade; w/ Howard Duff and Lureen Tuttle; "The Critical Author Caper"

4 — Words at War; "Assignment USA”
5 — Screen Director's Playhouse; "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House"; w/ Cary Grant and Frances Robinson.
6 — Duffy's Tavern; w/ Ed Gardner; guest star Clifton Fadiman.
7 — On Stage; w/ Cathy and Elliott Lewis; "Public Furlough"
8 — Adventures of Sam Spade; "The Lawless Caper"

11 — "Here Is Your War"; w/ Ernie Pyle.
12 — Screen Director's Playhouse; "The Ghost Breakers"; w/ Bob Hope.
13 — Duffy's Tavern; w/ Mickey Rooney.
14 — On Stage; "Call Me a Cab"
15 — Adventures of Sam Spade; "The Sugar Kane Caper"

18 — Words At War; "One Man Air Force”
19 — Screen Director's Playhouse; "The Big Clock"; w/ Ray Milland and Maureen O'Sullivan.
20 — Duffy's Tavern; "The Bully"; w/ Sheldon Leonard.
21 — On Stage; "An Ideal Couple”
22 — Adventures of Sam Spade; "The Stopped-Watch Caper"

25 — Words At War; "Tomorrow We'll See”
26 — Screen Director's Playhouse; "Fort Apache"; w/ John Wayne and Ward Bond.
27 — Duffy's Tavern; "Double Date”
28 — On Stage; "A Circle of Wheels”
29 — Adventures of Sam Spade; "The Champion Caper"