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Old Time Radio - November 2018

Oct 23, 2018

Credit Digital Deli

In November we present these fine old time radio programs:  (Note: no Old Time Radio on 11/22 and 11/23 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.)

Monday: Pat Novak For Hire
Tuesday: Radio City Playhouse
Wednesday: Birdseye Open House with Dinah Shore
Thursday: Abbott and Costello
Friday: Proudly We Hail

1 — Abbott and Costello: "visit to Tin Pan Alley"
2 — Proudly We Hail: "The Indestructible Sergeant"

5 — Pat Novak For Hire w/Jack Webb and Raymond Burr: "Fleet Lady"
6 — Radio City Playhouse: "Note On Danger B"
7 — Birdseye Open House w/ Dinah Shore; guest star, Hedda Hopper
8 — Abbott and Costello: "Merchant Marine"
9 — Proudly We Hail: "Collector's Item"

12 — Pat Novak For Hire: "Rubin Callaway's Picture"
13 — Radio City Playhouse: "Problem Child"
14 — Birdseye Open House w/ Rudy Vallee
15 — Abbott and Costello: "Spanish acting school"
16 — Proudly We Hail: "The Coolest Cat"

19 — Pat Novak For Hire: "Rory Malone"
20 — Radio City Playhouse: "Soundless"
21 — Birdseye Open House w/ Groucho Marx: "Groucho brings a live turkey to Thanksgiving dinner"
22 - No program - Closed for Thanksgiving
23 - No program - Closed for holiday

26 — Pat Novak For Hire: "Joe Candono's blackmail"
27 — Radio City Playhouse: "Witness for the Prosecution"
28 — Birdseye Open House w/ Groucho Marx: a spoof on "Information, Please"
29 — Abbott and Costello: "return to Patterson Air Force Base"
30 — Proudly We Hail: "Action At Bu Wadde"