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Old Time Radio - May 2018

May 3, 2018

Credit Old Time Radio Researchers Group

In May we'll include some of the plays of Arch Oboler.  Arch Oboler (December 7, 1909 – March 19, 1987) was an American playwright, screenwriter, novelist, producer, and director who was active in radio, films, theater, and television. He generated much attention with his radio scripts, particularly the horror series Lights Out, and his work in radio remains the outstanding period of his career. Praised as one of broadcasting's top talents, he is regarded today as a key innovator of radio drama. Oboler's personality and ego were larger than life. Radio historian John Dunning wrote, "Few people were ambivalent when it came to Arch Oboler. He was one of those intense personalities who are liked and disliked with equal fire."

1 – Burns and Allen; w/ George Burns and Gracie Allen; “George writes a newspaper column.”
2 – Arch Oboler’s Plays; “Nero’s Wife.”  
3 – Author’s Playhouse; “Flight To Aras.”
4 – Words At War; “A Book of War Letters.”

7 – The Whisperer; w/ Carlton Young; “What Ye Sow.”
8 – Burns and Allen; “George is kidnapped by a gangster.”
9 – Arch Oboler’s Plays; “Johnny Got His Gun”; w/ James Cagney.
10 – Author’s Playhouse; “Off Tokyo Bay.”
11 – Words At War; “Assignment USA.”

14 – The Whisperer; “Into Each Life.”
15 – Burns and Allen; “What’s wrong with Gracie?”
16 – Arch Oboler’s Plays; “The House I Live In”; w/ Raymond Massey.
17 – Author’s Playhouse; “At Midnight On the 31st of March.”
18 – Words at War; “The Weeping Wood.”

21 – The Whisperer; “Stanley Hayes Must Die.”
22 – Burns and Allen; “Professor Thorndyke studies Gracie.”  
23 – Arch Oboler’s Plays; “Love, Love, Love.”
24 – Author’s Playhouse; “Dan Peters and Casey Jones.”
25 – Words At War; “They Shall Inherit the Earth.”

29 – Burns and Allen; “George tries to get out of broadcasting.”  
30 – Arch Oboler’s Plays; “The Truth.”
31 – Author’s Playhouse; “Command Performance.”