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Old Time Radio for March 2020 includes Halls of Ivy

Mar 3, 2020


Tune into Reachout Radio on Thursdays for The Halls of Ivy, an American situation comedy that ran from 1950–52 on NBC radio, created by Fibber McGee & Molly co-creator/writer Don Quinn. The series, which starred Ronald Colman and Benita Hume was later adapted into a CBS television comedy produced by ITC Entertainment and Television Programs of America.

2 - Favorite Story  "Wuthering Heights" w/ Janet Waldo and William Conrad
3 - Philo Vance  w/ Jackson Beck  "Star-Studded Murder Case”
4 - Bing Crosby  w/ Roy Rogers  
5 - Halls of Ivy  w/ Ronald Colman and Benita (Colman) Hume  "The Snowman”
6 - Suspense  "Murder In G-Flat"  w/ Jack Benny and Bea Bennaderet  

9 - Favorite Story  "Oliver Twist”
10 - Philo Vance  "Rhumba Matter”
11 - Bing Crosby  w/ Donald O'Connor  
12 - Halls of Ivy  "Student Actress”
13 - Suspense  "The 39 Steps"  w/ Herbert Marshall  

16 - Favorite Story  "Peter Ibbotson"  w/ John Beal and Helen Craig  
17 - Philo Vance  "Magic Murder Case”
18 - Bing Crosby  w/ George Murphy  
19 - Halls of Ivy  "Fighting Med Student”
20 - Suspense  "Alan In Wonderland"  w/ Cornell Wilde  

23 - Favorite Story  "The Strange Mister Bartleby"  w/ William Conrad and Hans Conried  
24 - Philo Vance  "Herring Bone Murder Case”
25 - Bing Crosby  w/ Jack Carson  
26 - Halls of Ivy  "D-Day”
27 - Suspense  "The Empty Chair"  w/ Agnes Morehead  

30 - Favorite Story  "The Young Years"  w/ William Johnstone and Jimmy Lyden  
31 - Philo Vance  "White Willow Murder Case”