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Old Time Radio for June brings us a mixed bag of favorites

May 29, 2019


Revisit radio's golden age with some of the top radio shows from the golden age including The Shadow, Fibber McGee & Molly, You Bet Your Life, Gunsmoke, Screen Director's Playhouse, The Green Hornet, Abbott and Costello and more.

3 — Stan Freberg Show; "program censor”
4 — Encore Theater; "Green Light" w/ Robert Young
5 — Drene Time; w/ Don Ameche, Frances Langford, and Danny Thomas
6 — The Shadow; "Power of the Mind" w/ Orson Welles
7 — Fibber McGee and Molly w/ Jim and Marion Jordan; "Fibber writes a book: Inside Wistful Vista”

10 — Box 13; w/ Alan Ladd; "The Professor and the Puzzle”
11 — Philco Radio Time w/ Bing Crosby, Judy Garland and the Les Paul Trio
12 — The Green Hornet w/ Aful Hodge; "Not One Cent For Tribute”
13 — George Burns and Gracie Allen; "Dr  Jekyll and Mr  Burns”
14 — I Love Adventure; "The Pearl of Great Price" w/ Michael Raffetto and Tom Collins

17 — You Bet Your Life w/ Groucho Marx and George Fenneman; "secret word: hand”
18 — Casey, Crime Photographer w/ Staats Cotsworth, John Gibson, and Lesley Woods; "Mysterious Lodger”
19 — Halls of Ivy w/ Ronald Colman and Benita (Colman) Hume; "Dirty Politics”
20 — Two Thousand Plus; "Worlds Apart”
21 — The Andrews Sisters w/ Abbott and Costello

24 — Gunsmoke; "The Juniper Tree" w/ William Conrad and Parley Baer
25 — Fred Allen; "final show" w/ Henry Morgan and Jack Benny
26 — Boston Blackie w/ Richard Kollmar; "jealous partners and arson”
27 — Screen Director's Playhouse; "Jezebel" w/ Bette Davis
28 — Philco Radio Time w/ Bing Crosby, Jim and Marion Jordan as Fibber McGee and Molly