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Old Time Radio for July 2019 brings us another month of variety

Jun 26, 2019


It's a roundtable of choices for Old Time Radio this month. Enjoy!

1 - The Lone Ranger; w/ Fred Foy, Brace Beemer, and John Todd; "origin of the Lone Ranger; Tonto saves the Ranger's life”
2 - Rocky Jordan; w/ Jack Moyles; "Count Me Out”
3 - Mel Blanc Show  
4 - Words At War; "Here Is Your War"; w/ Ernie Pyle  
5 - Cavalcade of America; "A Portrait of Arthur"; w/ Basil Rathbone  

8 - Inner Sanctum Mysteries; "The Shadow of Death"; w/ Richard Widmark  
9 - The Smiths of Hollywood; w/ Harry Von Zell, Brenda Marshall, and Arthur Treacher; "A Litter of Puppies”
10 - Cloak and Dagger; "The Black Radio"; w/ Larry Haines and Barry Kroger  
11 - Mayor of the Town; w/ Lionel Barrymore and Charlie Ruggles; "taking care of five cats”
12 - Screen Guild Players; "Casablanca"; w/ Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henried  

15 - Richard Diamond, Private Detective; w/ Dick Powell; "Hat Without A Body”
16 - Adventures of Maisie; w/ Ann Sothern; "House of the Future”
17 - Mr  and Mrs  North; w/ Alice Frost and Joseph Curtin; "Gordon Gilroy”
18 - The Black Museum; w/ Orson Welles; "The Little White Boxes”
19 - Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet; w/ Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Hilliard, David Nelson and Ricky Nelson; "Complaints”

22 - Academy Award; "Stagecoach"; w/ Claire Trevor and Randolph Scott  
23 - Our Miss Brooks; w/ Eve Arden and Gale Gordon; "April Fool's Day”
24 - 21st Precinct; "missing dynamite”
25 - Life of Riley; w/ William Bendix, Paula Winslowe and John Brown; "The Rileys Step Out”
26 - The Great Gildersleeve; w/ Harold Peary, Walter Tetley, and Lillian Randolph; "Gildy's Diet”

29 - Jack Benny; "The Road to Bali"; w/ Bob Hope  
30 - Ford Show; w/ Dinah Shore and Carmen Miranda  
31 - Nightfall; "Wildcats”