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Old Time Radio for January 2020: The Green Hornet, bringing criminals to justice

Dec 31, 2019

The Green Hornet Brings Criminals to Justice

This month The Green Hornet returns on Fridays, bringing criminals to justice. Also featured, Gunsmoke, the Smiths of Hollywood, and Information, Please. (Weekdays at 1:30 and 5:30p)

1 - Family Theater; "Moby Dick;" w/ Celeste Holm, Henry Hull, and Dane Clark  
2 - Information, Please; w/ Clifton Fadiman, Franklin P  Adams, John Kieran; guest star Gloria Stuart  
3 - The Green Hornet; w/ Al Hodge; "Escape For Revenge"

6 - Gunsmoke; w/ William Conrad, Parley Baer, and Georgia Ellis; "The Brothers"
7 - Smiths of Hollywood; w/ Harry Von Zelle, Brenda Marshall, Jan Ford, and Arthur Treacher; "Cecil's auto accident"
8 - Family Theater; "An Adventure With Robin Hood;" w/ Edmond O'Brien, William Conrad, and Ed Begley  
9 - Information, Please; w/ Fred Allen and Oscar Levant  
10 - The Green Hornet; "Polarized Glasses"

13 - Gunsmoke; "Drop Dead"
14 - Smiths of Hollywood; "Cecil helps a burglar"
15 — Family Theater; "The Bishop's Candlesticks;" w/ William Lundigan, Ray Collins, and Frank Lovejoy  
16 - Information, Please; w/ Groucho Marx and Deems Taylor  
17 - The Green Hornet; "Quiz Show Clue"

20 - Gunsmoke; "Lochinvar"
21 - Smiths of Hollywood; "The Trailer"
22 - Family Theater; "Mademoiselle Fifi;" w/ Joan Leslie, Wendell Cory, Edgar Barrier, Hans Conried, and Parley Baer  
23 - Information, Please; w/ Moss Hart and Russell Crouse  
24 - The Green Hornet; "Giuseppe's Secret"

27 - Gunsmoke; "Overland Express"
28 - Smiths of Hollywood; "The Banquet"
29 - Family Theater; "In Each Other's Shoes;" w/ Anne Blythe and Sterling Holloway  
30 - Information, Please; w/ Sir Cedric Hardwicke  
31 - The Green Hornet; "The Devil's Playground"