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Old Time Radio for December 2019 includes Christmas presents galore

Dec 2, 2019


This month we'll be sharing Christmas programs from some of your favorite mysteries, dramas and variety shows.  Tune in all month long as we share the gift of Old Time Radio Christmas shows - Monday through Friday at 1:30 and 5:30 pm.

2 - Fibber McGee and Molly; w/ Jim and Marian Jordan; "Early Christmas Gifts”

3 - Suspense; "Christmas For Carole"; w/ Dennis Day
4 - The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show; w/ Elliott Lewis; "Christmas Present”
5 - Casey, Crime Photographer; w/ Staats Cotsworth, Lesley Woods and John Gibson; "Christmas Shopping”
6 - The Life of Riley; w/ William Bendix, Paula Winslowe and John Brown; "The Christmas Present”

9 - The Lone Ranger; w/ Brace Beemer and John Todd; "The Bells of San Pedro”
10 - The Great Gildersleeve; w/ Harold Peary, Walter Tetley, Lurene Tuttle and Lillian Randolph; "Christmas Gift For McGee”
11 - Philco Radio Time; w/ Bing Crosby
12 - Richard Diamond, Private Detective; w/ Dick Powell; "A Contemporary Christmas Carol”
13 - George Burns and Gracie Allen; w/ Hans Conried and Gale Gordon; "George gets Gracie a Christmas present”

16 - Our Miss Brooks; w/ Eve Arden, Gale Gordon, and Jeff Chandler; "A Letter To Santa”
17 - The Saint; w/ Vincent Price; "Christmas Eve Problems”
18 - Fred Allen; w/ Risa Stevens; "Santa Claus Sits Down”
19 - Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; w/ Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce; "Night Before Christmas”
20 - First Nighter; "Little Town of Bethlehem”

23 - Jack Benny; w/ Larry Stevens, Ronald Colman, and Benita (Colman) Hume; "The English Butler”
24 - "A Christmas Carol"; w/ Lionel Barrymore
25 - Screen Director's Assignment; w/ Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart; "It's A Wonderful Life”
26 - Abbott and Costello; "Lou's Christmas Party”
27 - The Whistler; "Lies Or Consequences”

30 - Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy; w/ Don Ameche and Charles Laughton; "New Year's Party Play”
31 - My Friend Irma; w/ Marie Wilson and Cathy Lewis; "Gentlemen Prefer”