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Old Time Radio for August 2020 includes Bold Venture with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

Jul 29, 2020


Bold Venture (Tuesdays at 1:30 and 5:30p) is a 1951-1952 syndicated radio series starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Salty seadog Slate Shannon (Bogart) owns a Cuban hotel sheltering an assortment of treasure hunters, revolutionaries and other shady characters. With his sidekick and ward, the sultry Sailor Duval (Bacall), tagging along, he encounters modern-day pirates and other tough situations while navigating the waters around Havana. Aboard his boat, the Bold Venture, Slate and Sailor experience "adventure, intrigue, mystery and romance in the sultry settings of tropical Havana and the mysterious islands of the Caribbean."

3-  Abbott & Costello: Baseball Player
4 - Bold Venture: Slate’s Stolen Identity
5 - Milton Berle: Coming of Spring
6 - Creaking Door: Don’t Go Down in the Mines
7 - The Bickerson’s: Blanche Learns to Drive

10 - Abbott & Costello: Lou the Fireman
11 - Bold Venture: Murder of Franny Lane
12 - Milton Berle: Wall Street and High Finance
13 - Creaking Door: Vagrant
14 - The Bickerson’s: New Puppy

17 - Abbott & Costello: Costello Gets a Tattoo
18 - Bold Venture: Murder Is No Joke
19 - Milton Berle: Opera
20 - Creaking Door: Ghost at Ridgeways
21 - The Bickerson’s: The In-Laws Visit

24 - Abbott & Costello: At the Circus with Alan Hale
25 - Bold Venture: The Chaney Wedding
26 - Milton Berle: Horse Racing
27 - Creaking Door: Midnight Express
28 - The Bickerson’s: John Leaving on Business Trip

31 - Abbott & Costello: English Butler – Arthur Treacher