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Old Time Radio - August 2018

Jul 30, 2018

Credit Brilliance Audio

The Falcon radio series with Les Damon, which will air on Mondays in August, premiered on the Blue Network April 10, 1943, and continued playing on NBC and Mutual until 1954. Loosely based on the series of popular Falcon movies distributed by RKO, The Falcon was an alternate identity for detective Michael Waring. Like the movies, the radio plots mixed danger, romance, and comedy in equal parts. Each show began with a telephone ringing and Michael Waring, The Falcon, answering the phone.

In addition to The Falcon with Les Damon, we'll feature Miscellaneous Comedies on Tuesdays , The Green Hornet with Al Hodge on Wednesdays, Life With Luigi with J. Carrol Naish on Thursdays, and wrap up the week on Fridays with Screen Guild Players.

1 — The Green Hornet; "A Smuggler Signs His Name."
2 — Life With Luigi; "The Little Immigrant."
3 — Screen Guild Players: "The Best Years of Our Lives"; w/ Myrna Loy, Frederick March and Theresa Wright.

6 — The Falcon; "Case of the Natural Seven."
7 — Blondie; w/ Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake and Fanny Bryce; "Baby Snooks Visits the Bumsteads."
8 — The Green Hornet; "Charity Takes It on the Chin."
9 — Life With Luigi; "PTA Meeting."
10 — Screen Guild Players:  "One Way Passage"; w/ Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Taylor and Ward Bond.

13 — The Falcon; "The Dutch Doll."
14 — Topper; w/ Roland Young; "The Spiritualist."
15 — The Green Hornet; "Unexpected Meeting."
16 — Life With Luigi; "Medical Insurance."
17 — Screen Guild Players: “The Voice of Bugle Ann”

20 — The Falcon; "The Curious Cop."
21 — Drene Time; w/ Don Ameche, Frances Langford and Danny Thomas.
22 — The Green Hornet; "Murder and the Dope Racket."
23 — Life With Luigi; "Admiral Perry Mirror."
24 — Screen Guild Players: "The Fuller Brush Man"; w/ Red Skelton and Janet Blair.

27 — The Falcon; "The Case of the Killer's Key."
28 — Meet Corliss Archer; w/ Janet Waldo and Sam Edwards; "The Beauty Contest."
29 — The Green Hornet; "Drops A Hint."
30 — Life With Luigi; "Telephone —pany."
31 — Screen Guild Players:  "Letter To Three Wives"; w/ Linda Darnell and Paul Douglas.