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Old Time Radio for April takes us to Frontier Town

Mar 28, 2019

Credit Internet Archive

Frontier Town was syndicated from 1950-1953. Jeff Chandler and Reed Hadley starred as Chad Remington, and Wade Crosby as Cherokee O'Bannon.

1    Adventures of Sam Spade; w/ Howard Duff and Lureen Tuttle; "Death of Dr. Denhoff"
2     Duffy's Tavern; w/ Ed Gardner; "Archie to patent electricity"
3     Family Theater; "The Scout"; w/ Branch Rickey, Eddie Bracken, and Kathy O'Donnell
4     Kraft Music Hall; w/ Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Marilyn Maxwell
5     Frontier Town; w/ Jeff Chandler; "Return To Dos Rios"

8     Adventures of Sam Spade; "The Bow Window Caper"
9     Duffy's Tavern; w/ Cass Daley
10     Family Theater; "The Postmistress of Laurel Run"; w/ Dan Duryea, Virginia Gregg, and Parley Baer
11     Sealtest Variety Theater; w/ Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, and Robert Young
12     Frontier Town; "Poisoned Waterhole"

15     Adventures of Sam Spade; "The Wheel of Life Caper"
16     Duffy's Tavern; "Duffy detective"; w/ Chester Morris
17     Family Theater; "The Necklace"; w/ Robert Alda, Jean Crane, and Edgar Barrier
18     The Bob Hope Show; w/ David Niven
19     Frontier Town; "Valley of Lawless Men"

22     Adventures of Sam Spade; "The Missing Newshawk Caper"
23     Duffy's Tavern; w/ Barry Nelson
24     Family Theater; "The Pardoner's Tale"; w/ Diana Lynn and Just. Carroll Naish
25     The Bob Hope Show; w/ Doris Day, Irene Ryan, and Bing Crosby
26     Frontier Town; "Guns of Wrath"

29     Adventures of Sam Spade; "The Mad Scientist Caper"
30     Duffy's Tavern; w/ Shelley Winters