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Learn more about The Carroll Center for the Blind and some books that may help you

Nov 6, 2020

Carroll Center for the Blind Logo

The Carroll Center for the Blind: Pathway to Independence, located in Newton, MA has a mission of "serving all ages and all stages of vision loss."  In addition to serving children, teens, adults, seniors and business professionals, The Caroll Center offers Rehabilitation, Low Vision, Independent Living, Orientation & Mobility, Assistive Technology services, Employment training and support and much more. Learn more...

Their Remote Technology Courses include use of Zoom, Dropbox, Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and JAWS.

The Carroll Center for the Blind also has a book section where they sell books that deal with different concerns of people with vision loss. Here area three featured books.

Blindness: What It Is, What It Does, and How To Live With It, examines the physical and psychological impact of losing vision, and suggests personal adjustments and solutions.

The other two books are more high-tech.

Getting Started with Zoom Meetings: A Guide for JAWS, NVDA, and iPhone VoiceOver Users - (digital*) Heather Thomas provides a step-by-step, text-based introduction to this Web- and video-based platform for screen reader users. You'll learn about all aspects of this "indispensable tool for school, work, and staying in touch with family and friends during these challenging times." A list of keyboard shortcuts is included.

Assistive Technology instructor David Kingsbury's book has a comparable and comprehensive intent. When One Browser Is Not Enough: A Guide for Windows Screen Reader Users  (digital*) illustrates the importance of becoming familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of several Web browsers. The author shows how screen reader keystrokes can be combined with the browsers' menu structure and navigation features for maximum efficiency.

NOTE: This book, and its author, are the subject of "Eyes On Success" episode #2047 podcast.

*These books are available as digital downloads, in Microsoft Word or BRF formats. Both titles are also used in e-Carroll remote training courses.