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It's all about the holidays on December's Old Time Radio

Nov 28, 2018

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12/3    Candy Matson:  Jack Frost
12/4    Aldrich Family: Hinting for Christmas Present
12/5    My Friend Irma: Irma’s Christmas Party
12/6    Fibber McGee & Molly: Painting the Christmas Tree
12/7    The Milton Berle Show: Salutes Christmas

12/10    Abbott and Costello: Christmas Shopping
12/11    Screen Guild Theater: Holiday Inn
12/12    The Great Gildersleeve: Christmas Stray Puppy
12/13    Jimmy Durante: Christmas Program
12/14    Charlie McCarthy Show: Christmas Show

12/17    Burns & Allen: Christmas Show
12/18    Eddie Cantor Show: Christmas Show
12/19    Jack Benny: Jack and Mary Go Christmas Shopping
12/20    Burns & Allen: Playing Santa Claus
12/21    Globe Theater: A Christmas Carol

12/24    Closed for Holiday
12/25    Closed for Holiday
12/26    Birdseye Open House: Returning Christmas Presents with Dinah Shore & Groucho Marx
12/27    Red Skelton: A New Year’s Puzzle
12/28    Mysterious Traveler: New Year’s Nightmare

12/31    Closed for Holiday