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BlindShell: Offering accessibility in mobile phone technology

Dec 29, 2020

BlindShell Logo

According to the World Health Organization, there is an estimated 2 billion visually impaired people in the world with varying degrees of vision loss. Of that, more than 40 million are blind.  People who are blind need and want accessible communications options, just like anyone else.  Enter BlindShell.

In 2013 BlindShell was born from the idea that there must be more possibilities for how to make smartphones more accessible for the blind and visually impaired.  In cooperation with the Czech Blind United association and support from the Vodafone foundation, in 2014 BlindShell won The Idea Of The Year award which helped them launch this project.

Today, BlindShell is available in 23 countries worldwide. In late 2019 they entered the market in the United States with big plans in the world of assistive technologies here.  Currently, they offer three models of mobile phones, which they describe as "the best," "the easiest," and "the smartest" phones for people with vision loss. 


BlShell Classic Mobile Phone:

If you are looking for a mobile phone that offers up-to-date features and options, without requiring you to learn touchscreen operation, the BlShell Classic phone may fit your needs. It combines large, tactile buttons with speech output for setup, menus, and readout, to give you easy and complete access to standard telephone features, incoming texts and e-mail, and more. The "Voice Dictation" and "Voice Control" features allow you to enter your texts or e-mail messages verbally, and to open phone features and apps.

For information about different models of the BlShell phone and their costs, visit the company's website:

The Mystic Access team also sells this item, and offers a complete audio tutorial, in MP3 and DAISY formats. Click here:

There are eight distributors in the U.S., including two in New York State.

LS&S: 145 River Rock Drive, Buffalo, NY 14207
Phone: (716) 348-3500

Mystic Access: 1879 Whitehaven RD #2002, Grand Island, NY 14702
Phone: 716-543-3323