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Aira now available FREE for short calls - learn more

Aug 20, 2019


Recently we've learned that the Aira app, which instantly connects a person with vision loss to a live agent who will help you with your daily tasks, is available for grocery shopping at Wegmans and at the Greater Rochester International Airport, to assist you with directions. 

Now, the Aira app is free for calls less than five minutes, for anyone with an Aira account.  More specifically, Aira is free to use for those short (5 minutes or less), everyday tasks where a little information can save you a lot of time.

This applies to everyone. If you don’t pay for a plan, you get free short calls every day. If you pay for a plan, you also get free short calls every day, with the added benefit that you can make those monthly plan minutes stretch further.

Want to learn more?  Give it a try! First, make sure you have the latest version of the Aira app on your phone, then connect with an agent.  You can ask all your questions and it won’t cost you a thing.

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