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ACB Reports: March 2019, Accessibility update from the FCC, 03/10/19

Mar 6, 2019

FCC Audio Description presentation front page

In the March episode of ACB Reports, FCC Attorney Will Shell reports on accessibility issues that the Disability Rights Office is working on.  Specifically, he'll talk about developments in the Audio Description marketplace.  (See this month's audio described television listings for WXXI-TV)

The FCC needs to calculate the value of Audio Description to consumers, so they are requesting that users of Audio Description file comments with the FCC regarding the benefits of Audio Description, what programs you watch, how accessible Audio Description is to you or any other comments you'd wish to make.

To file a comment, visit the FCC's Filing page and enter 11-43 in the Proceedings field.  Comments are due by April 1st.  You can also email FCC Attorney Will Shell at