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WXXI Reachout Radio is a closed-circuit service and is accessible through a specially-tuned radio (for individuals) or via a dedicated web stream for facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living or other multi-resident facilities.

If you would like a radio to use in a community room at your faciility, apply here.

The Green Hornet

WXXI Reachout Radio allows residents to listen to newspapers like the Democrat & Chronicle, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal right from the comfort of their own rooms.  They can enjoy a variety of other news publications, information programming, and even old-time radio shows like Abbott & Costello, The Green Hornet and Fibber McGee and Molly.

WXXI Reachout Radio offers an internet radio stream, which provides complete clarity of sound without static or susceptibility to interference, to all the residents of your facility.  If your facility has an internal television system that can feed programming to each resident's room, you should be able to provide Reachout Radio to all your residents.

In December 2013 Monroe Community Hospital became the first multi-resident facility to connect to WXXI Reachout Radio’s internet-streaming for its 566 individuals.  “The improvement in sound quality is dramatic,” says Donna Fitzgerald, Resident Program Director at MCH.  “We now receive crystal clear, static-free reception of Reachout Radio.”

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