Beyond being addicted themselves, elders can be drawn into the struggles of addicted children, grandchildren and other family members with serious consequences.


TV celebrity Dr. Phil has been accused of trading on his TV fame to sell his own products, as well as mistreating vulnerable guests on his show. In another article, hospitals make changes to stop contributing to the misery and death of opioid addiction.

A National Geographic article about the cravings that fuel self-defeating habits, and how science can help us fight them. Outlines why a the definition of addiction should be broadened to include other self-defeating habits such as gambling, over-eating and sexual compulsion.

Articles from Next Avenue explore the growing problem of alcohol and drug misuse and abuse in the over 60 population.

Doctors are finally using nondrug remedies and psychological intervention instead of opioids for chronic pain. Researchers are working on next-generation painkillers that will not cause respiratory depression and other side effects. 

Fentanyl is the king of all pain relievers and has created a killer drug crisis.  Macleans Magazine looks at this growing crisis.