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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention would like us to learn the signs and symptoms of sepsis, now that estimates for the incidence of sepsis suggest that more than a million Americans develop sepsis every year and a quarter million die from it. Other articles look at the important signs and symptoms of heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, stroke, diabetes, and prostate cancer.

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Dec 4, 2017
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Health statistics are usually reported by the media using relative risk figures instead of absolute risk. These statistics play a role in helping people make lifestyle and health decisions. For example, it is important for health consumers to know that an increase in absolute risk from 0.77 per cent to 1.29 per cent is also a 70% increase in relative risk. Three articles provide many different examples to help clarify the difference between relative and absolute risk.

Americans were having fewer heart attacks and strokes, but in recent years the trend has slowed down significantly. Ways to stay in good heart health, including changes to diet and the necessity to monitor blood pressure and cholesterol over time. Tests that doctors do not need to do routinely.

Medical diagnostic cases to solve from the New York Times. Topics include chest pain, difficulty breathing, and unexplained weight gain.