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Remembering Philip Roth: Mini Reviews List; Reviews: Fiction

Conversation: Levar Burton; Personal Growth; Learning by Ear

Feature: “Listening With”: Retta; Feature: Learning By Ear; Reviews: Doing Your Business Right; Reviews: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

Editors’ Picks Part 2; Reviews: Contemporary Culture

Editors’ Picks, Part 1; The Download: Conversation with Author Janis Ian; Reviews: Spectrum: In Our Time

Reviews: Young Adult Listening; Narrator Interview: Sunil Malhorta

The Download: Conversation with Narrator Robin Miles; Reviews: Biography/Memoir/History

Feature: Aurelia’s Audio Adventures; Reviews: Poetry, Classics, Drama; Reviews: Romance

Reviews: Fiction; Remembering Narrator Scott Sowers

Reviews: Mystery & Suspense; Author Interview: Jody Gehrman; Remembering Philip Kerr

AUDIOFILE Magazine #1823: Apr/May #8, 06/07/18

Jun 4, 2018

Feature: Listening With; Reviews: Personal Growth; Feature: Learning by Ear; Reviews: LBE-“What it means to be a parent.”

Reviews: Biography/History/Memoir; Reviews: Contemporary Culture

Feature: Tease; Reviews: Romance; Reviews: Biography/History/Memoir

Feature: Reviews: Mystery and Suspense; Author/Narrator Interview: Alan Bradley/Jane Entwistle, The Download

Feature: Reviews: Fiction; Remembering Katy Kellgren

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Feature: Reviews: Children/Family Listening; Reviews: YA Listening; Narrator Interviews: Nic Stone and Dion Graham, The Download

Feature: Kids and Teen Listening; Reviews: Children/Family Listening; Author Interview: Jason Reynolds

Reviews: Personal Growth and Business; Learning by Ear: “Revolution and Opportunity in the Workplace”

Feature: “Listening With,” Angela Adams; Reviews: Science Fiction & Fantasy; “In the Studio” - Recording Philip Pullman

Reviews: Young Adult Listening; Author Interview: Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Reviews: Contemporary Culture; Narrator Interview: Rob Shapiro

Reviews: Mystery & Suspense; Narrator Interview: Peter Berkrot

Feature: Editors’ Picks; Reviews: Classics, Poetry & Drama; Tease - Reviews: Romance

Reviews: Fiction; Narrator Interview: Christina Delaine

Reviews: Biography, History & Memoir;Narrator Interview: Graeme Malcolm; Reviews: Fiction

Editor’s Notes, “Heart and Soul”; IN OUR TIME: American Stories; Reviews: History, Biography & Memoir


BEST AUDIOBOOKS OF THE YEAR – Romance; Reviews: Romance; Feature: “Listening With”; Reviews: Assorted.

AUDIOFILE Magazine #1805: Dec/Jan #8, 02/01/18

Jan 29, 2018
Booklist Online

BEST AUDIOBOOKS OF THE YEAR – Young Adult; Reviews: Young Adult; Audiobooks and Literacy: Behind the Mic; Reviews: Young Adult.

AUDIOFILE Magazine #1804: Dec/Jan #7, 01/25/18

Jan 22, 2018
The Pinning Mama

BEST AUDIOBOOKS OF THE YEAR - Children and Family Listening; Reviews: Children and Family Listening; Author Interview: Kimberly Brubaker Bradley.