We'll learn about the endearing cat breed that is nicknamed the Dogs of the Cat World, and we'll get a refresher course in common plants that are toxic to pets.

We'll learn how to reduce the stress of taking your cat to the vet, Best Friends Animal Society tells us how pets with disabilities get adopted, and we'll hear about common issues that cats have with their humans, and how you can fix them.


The ASPCA explains the all-too-common problem of Separation Anxiety in dogs and gives us advice on how to deal with it.

Pets+Us #1812: Adopting a Pet Rabbit, 03/22/18

Mar 19, 2018
Great Sage

Are you thinking of adopting a rabbit? House Rabbit Society has some ideas on where to get your new pet. We have some cold weather tips from the ASPCA, and how to help timid pets.

We'll learn about what to feed your rabbit, a warning about the dangers of human medication to your pet - and when is the best time to neuter your - German Shepherd?

Disaster Preparedness - Pets Included! The Washington Post explains what we've learned and how things have changed since Hurricane Katrina. The ASPCA and FEMA share pet disaster preparedness plans, and we'll learn how non-weather related emergency evacuations can also affect our pets.

Pets+Us #1732: De-skunking your dog! 08/03/17

Jul 31, 2017
Plantation Pet Health Center

What to do if your dog is sprayed by a skunk. We'll have tips on camping with your pet, and a report on Tom the Comfort cat.

A veterinarian offers tips on keeping pet medical costs down, we'll learn about caring for a three-legged dog or cat, and the return of Don't Eat That

The ASPCA can be a great help when looking for professional help for your pet's behavior.  We'll also hear some tips on moving with your pet, and understanding how well cats can read our emotions.

Pet Lover

Holiday safety for your pets, keeping pets warm in the winter, and the LA Times Gift Guide just for our furry friends.


Tips, tricks and resources for you and your cat to share the often limited space in city environments. And, the ASPCA explains how you may still be able to keep your beloved pet if you have allergies.

Finding Professional Behavior Help for your pet, and in our Don't Eat That segment: Is it okay for Cats to Eat Bugs?

Pets+Us #1643: Feeding Your Lizard, 10/20/16

Oct 17, 2016

We'll learn about how to feed a lizard, canine hypo thyroidism, Wolf Dogs, and our Don't Eat That segment: Pepto Bismol.

September is National Preparedness Month, and the ASPCA has information and resources to help you plan ahead to save your pets as well as yourself in a natural disaster.

Pets+Us #1632: All About Dogs, 08/04/16

Aug 4, 2016

This episode is dedicated to caring for our dogs, from brushing and hugging to skin problems to helping dogs navigate stairs.

Just in time for Spring, our Don’t Eat That segment features a recap of plants that are toxic to our pets.

Pets+Us #1615: Don’t Eat That: Xylitol, 04/04/16

Apr 7, 2016

The Return of / Don’t Eat That – Xylitol Toxicity.  And We’ll meet Jedi the Diabetes Sniffing Dog.

Our program this week is about losing a pet, including coping with the impending loss of a pet, and grieving that loss, something all pet parents will face at one time or another.

Pets+Us #1603: Disaster Preparedness, 01/14/16

Jan 14, 2016

The ASPCA recommends these simple steps you can follow now, to make sure you’re ready before the next disaster strikes.

Pets+Us #1602: Winter Tips for Your Pets, 01/07/16

Jan 14, 2016

The ASPCA reminds us that in many areas, winter is a season of bitter cold and numbing wetness. Make sure your four-footed family members stay safe and warm by following these simple guidelines.

Pets+Us #1601: The Science Behind the Bond, 12/31/15

Jan 13, 2016

The May/June 2015 edition of Scientific American Mind published a special report on the science behind the bond we form with our pets.