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Remembering Philip Roth: Mini Reviews List; Reviews: Fiction

Conversation: Levar Burton; Personal Growth; Learning by Ear

Feature: “Listening With”: Retta; Feature: Learning By Ear; Reviews: Doing Your Business Right; Reviews: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

Editors’ Picks Part 2; Reviews: Contemporary Culture

Editors’ Picks, Part 1; The Download: Conversation with Author Janis Ian; Reviews: Spectrum: In Our Time

Reviews: Young Adult Listening; Narrator Interview: Sunil Malhorta

The Download: Conversation with Narrator Robin Miles; Reviews: Biography/Memoir/History

Feature: Aurelia’s Audio Adventures; Reviews: Poetry, Classics, Drama; Reviews: Romance

Reviews: Fiction; Remembering Narrator Scott Sowers

Reviews: Mystery & Suspense; Author Interview: Jody Gehrman; Remembering Philip Kerr

AUDIOFILE Magazine #1823: Apr/May #8, 06/07/18

Jun 4, 2018

Feature: Listening With; Reviews: Personal Growth; Feature: Learning by Ear; Reviews: LBE-“What it means to be a parent.”

Editor Robin Whitten and Josephine Reed have teamed up for a new AudioFile venture, “The Download.” Visit this page to listen to conversations between authors and narrators on their latest collaborations, deep dives into favorite series and recommended listening, and insights into the fascinating world of audiobooks. Tune in!

Reviews: Biography/History/Memoir; Reviews: Contemporary Culture

Feature: Tease; Reviews: Romance; Reviews: Biography/History/Memoir

Feature: Reviews: Mystery and Suspense; Author/Narrator Interview: Alan Bradley/Jane Entwistle, The Download

Feature: Reviews: Fiction; Remembering Katy Kellgren

Feature: Robin’s Roundup; Reviews: Poetry, Classics, Drama; Reviews: Sci Fi, Fantasy;

Feature: Reviews: Children/Family Listening; Reviews: YA Listening; Narrator Interviews: Nic Stone and Dion Graham, The Download

Feature: Kids and Teen Listening; Reviews: Children/Family Listening; Author Interview: Jason Reynolds

Reviews: Personal Growth and Business; Learning by Ear: “Revolution and Opportunity in the Workplace”

Feature: “Listening With,” Angela Adams; Reviews: Science Fiction & Fantasy; “In the Studio” - Recording Philip Pullman

Reviews: Young Adult Listening; Author Interview: Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Reviews: Contemporary Culture; Narrator Interview: Rob Shapiro

Reviews: Mystery & Suspense; Narrator Interview: Peter Berkrot

Feature: Editors’ Picks; Reviews: Classics, Poetry & Drama; Tease - Reviews: Romance

Reviews: Fiction; Narrator Interview: Christina Delaine

Reviews: Biography, History & Memoir;Narrator Interview: Graeme Malcolm; Reviews: Fiction

Editor’s Notes, “Heart and Soul”; IN OUR TIME: American Stories; Reviews: History, Biography & Memoir


BEST AUDIOBOOKS OF THE YEAR – Romance; Reviews: Romance; Feature: “Listening With”; Reviews: Assorted.

AUDIOFILE Magazine #1805: Dec/Jan #8, 02/01/18

Jan 29, 2018
Booklist Online

BEST AUDIOBOOKS OF THE YEAR – Young Adult; Reviews: Young Adult; Audiobooks and Literacy: Behind the Mic; Reviews: Young Adult.