Ring in the New Year with Old Time Radio for January 2018

Dec 28, 2017

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On Mondays we'll stop by Duffy's Tavern; Tuesdays take us to Family Theater; we visit with Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy on Wednesdays; it's Fort Laramie on Thursdays and Ellery Queen on Fridays this month.

1/2    Family Theater:  "Throw Your Heart into the Ring" w/ Gary Cooper, Shelley Winters, and Henry Morgan
1/3    Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy:  w/ Fred Allen and Portland Hoffa
1/4    Fort Laramie with Raymond Burr: "Playing Indian"
1/5    Ellery Queen: "The World Series Crime"

1/8    Duffy’s Tavern with Ed Gardner: “Archie takes up reading”
1/9    Family Theater:  "Round Trip" w/ Pat O'Brien, Joan Leslie, and Leo Penn
1/10    Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy:  w/ Hildegarde
1/11    Fort Laramie with Raymond Burr: "Boredom"
1/12    Ellery Queen:  "Scarecrow and the Snowman"

1/15    Duffy’s Tavern with Ed Gardner: “raffle”; with guests Joan Bennet
1/16    Family Theater:  "Stolen Symphony" w/ James A. Farley, Richard Widmark, and Joan Caulfield
1/17    Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy: w/ Charles Boyer
1/18   Fort Laramie with Raymond Burr: "Captain's Widow"
1/19    Ellery Queen:  "Message In Red"

1/22    Duffy’s Tavern with Ed Gardner: with guests John H. Anthony and Minerva Pious
1/23    Family Theater:  "The Legacy" w/Alan Mowbray, Rhonda Fleming, and Margaret Lindsey
1/24    Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy: "10th-anniversary show"
1/25    Fort Laramie with Raymond Burr: "The Woman At Horse Creek"
1/26    Ellery Queen:  "The Three Frogs"  

1/29    Duffy’s Tavern with Ed Gardner: "Archie has 3 days to live"
1/30    Family Theater:  "The Hidden Heart" w/ Lloyd Nolan, Jean Cagney, and Carlton Young
1/31    Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy: w/ Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers